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Vaquitita's Avatar Vaquitita 11:03 PM 03-24-2006
Does anyone have kefir grains to share? I really want to start making my own.


FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 02:23 AM 03-25-2006
Not to hijack your thread, but I'm looking for grains, too. Anyone....???
fromscatteredtribe's Avatar fromscatteredtribe 02:26 AM 03-25-2006
looking for some too and i know there are usually spare grains around here i have funded paypal and raw milk available. please help us...the OP first, of course
mavery's Avatar mavery 06:23 PM 03-25-2006
I'm not a regular in this forum but popped in bc I'm looking for some too.... ... very very eagerly.
Vaquitita's Avatar Vaquitita 04:35 AM 03-27-2006
zoomom's Avatar zoomom 02:39 PM 03-27-2006
I would love to find some as well...
AngelaB's Avatar AngelaB 04:21 PM 03-27-2006
Add me to the list too!!!
Is there somewhere online to buy them that anyone has found reliable?
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 06:08 PM 03-27-2006
Alrighty ladies. I don't mail out kefir grains anymore because my postmaster won't let me. But I am headed to the big city tomorrow and I believe I have enough to spare for three people, maybe four.

PM me your name and addy and I will ship them Priority Mail tomorrow. You'll owe me for postage -- the $4 something -- that you can send me via paypal or regular check. If I wait for payment, I'll never get them out and I'll end up with multiple trips to the P.O. in the city. (I get spoiled here with no lines to wait in.)

OK, so first 3 or 4 to PM me with all of the info I need to mail and you'll have them by the end of the week. The 4th depends on my grain stash, which I'll strain later today.

And my satellite connection has been terrible, so I may not be able to respond to you today.

Include your real name and address. I once sent grains to someone with her username only. LOL

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 06:23 PM 03-27-2006
good gravy.

did i send some of you multiple PMs?

sorry for that. This should have posted once.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 06:23 PM 03-27-2006
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 04:28 PM 03-29-2006

I sent out four packages of grains yesterday. I had five requests and was stretching it with four. I may do this again in 4-6 weeks. It’s much easier for me to do it in bulk like this. I erased the wrong PMs so I can’t remember who was the 5th and planned to PM you but I told you I thought I had reached my limit and, apparently, I did.

I think the reason that there aren’t many people sharing grains right now is the cold weather. They just don’t grow as fast in these temperatures. As spring comes, there are likely to be a lot of ladies here with extra. And then in summer there is an abundance, but that’s not ideal for shipping.

So four of you, two of you in the same state with same city names but different zips (what are the chances?) will get a very much no-frills package from me. Grains with a bit of milk for the trip in a ziploc bag, sealed and wrapped in a paper towel and another ziploc bag around that, all in a priority mail envelope.

You’ll look in the bag and say “what in the heck is that?” Just put the whole business in a jar and put some milk over it. Your first batch or two might be extra yeasty because of the grains adjusting to the trip and new environment. So don’t worry that they are bad, they are just adjusting. And the kefir is fine to drink too, you might just want to dress it up a little more with fruit to cover the yeasty flavor. But that’s a personal preference issue.

I also discovered that you can stick your credit card into a machine at the P.O. and it will print stamps for you. Who knew. LOL.

mavery's Avatar mavery 03:42 AM 03-30-2006
I found some grains locally and they are now happily making kefir in my kitchen. I'm so excited! (My dh thinks it's pretty funny.)
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 04:44 PM 04-19-2006
I can ship to three people this coming Tuesday. PM me. I'll need $4.10 in paypal for priority mail. If you're out of town late next week, you probably want to pass for now.

As weather warms up, there should be lots of people with spare grains.
EVC's Avatar EVC 05:04 PM 04-19-2006
Forgive my ignorance....I am familiar with kefir, but not kefir grains. Is it really that easy to make (milk + grain)? And it tastes like regular kefir? My dh LOVES kefir, but we haven't been able to find it here. I had no idea that it might be so easy to make! Is this true? If so, I'd love to order some from you.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 05:46 PM 04-19-2006
The kefir sold in stores tends to be much more smooth and less sour than what I make at home, but you have control over the sour -- just culture it for less time. We typically make smoothies with ours to cut some of the sour.
Annabel's Avatar Annabel 09:36 PM 04-19-2006
Is there anyone with grains who can ship to Australia? I have been trying to get kefir grains for almost 2 years with no luck.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 10:16 PM 04-19-2006
Ladies -- I think they're all given away. But like I said, there should be many people with extra grains in the next few months.

Annabel -- have you found the kefir group on yahoo? It's pretty active and might have a lead.
EVC's Avatar EVC 03:02 PM 04-20-2006
Let me know if you come across anymore that you'd be willing to ship
Theloose's Avatar Theloose 03:29 PM 04-20-2006
just subbing, because I've been trying to get my hands on some kefir grains for over a year now with no luck...
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 06:36 PM 04-20-2006
I have enough grains for 4 people ... PM me and I'll send you my paypal addy and should be able to ship out tomorrow (Friday, 4/21) or Saturday.
EVC's Avatar EVC 08:52 PM 04-20-2006
Just PM'ed you. Hope I'm in time
Annabel's Avatar Annabel 08:48 AM 04-21-2006
Yay! I finally tracked some down! I emailed Dom (from the kefir site) and turns out he just lives around the corner form me! Who would have thought! Now all I have to do is give him a call and organise to go over and collect some I can't believe after all this time, I could be enjoying fresh kefir very soon!
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 02:06 PM 04-21-2006
Annabel - How cool is that!

To anyone else interested in grains - I have enough for 1 more person (and I'll probably have more in a few weeks - it is warming up here and we aren't keeping up with the kefir, though my dog is appreciative as he LOVES kefir too!). I'm going to mail on Monday instead of today (totally forgot about the weekend factor), so PM me if you are interested.