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Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 04:25 PM 05-20-2006
Anyone out there? It would be fun to shop and cook with a fellow NT newbie (or even a more experienced NTer).

summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 01:04 AM 05-22-2006
Hi Suzy!
I am in Maryland -- where are you?? I live in Severna Park. Do you get your food from Zooks' co-op? I get together with a good friend and cook NT stuff once a week.
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 08:58 AM 05-22-2006
Wow! I'm really close by. What is Zooks?
My kids and I just had a field trip up to a farm in Sparks where we got real pastured chickens and eggs. We're thinking about heading up to PA one day to get some raw milk. I don't drink milk but heavy cream and butter.
What kinds of things do you and your friend cook?
summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 09:49 AM 05-22-2006
Zooks is the farm that Sally Fallon started (and gets her food from). Where in Maryland are you? They have pick-up sites in Annapolis, Virginia, etc. We get everything from milk, chicken, beef, spinach, veggies, etc. -- all organic and NT friendly. Where is the farm you mentioned? My friend and I have made chutneys, bread, ginger ale. We kind of gave up recently because everything we made ended up tasting pretty bad. I'm still hopeful though.
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 10:58 AM 05-22-2006
We're in Millersville. I've been shopping mostly at Whole Foods and David's. The only thing I can't find is good raw dairy. Are you getting that from Zooks?
The farm we went to is right off 83, about 30 minutes away. The kids had a blast, except for the goats that kept trying to herd us. The eggs I bought had been gathered that morning and the chickens were, ahem-processed, 2 days earlier. Processed sounds so much nicer than killed, eh? It's a really small farm, really small. We sat and chatted with the two ladies while they washed and checked the 1400 eggs they had just collected. It was cool!
There's a dairy farm near York I'm looking at has raw stuff but I can't tell if it's pastured or not. I'm going to call them and see.
I just made some quick yogurt whey and am planning to use it to make chutney. I make a lot of bread but don't always soak the flour. I'm working on more NT all the time. It involves a lot of changes, doesn't it?
I definitely like using more fats. I cook with a lot of butter and bacon grease-yummm! Plus this gives me an excuse to eat real whipping cream on all my fruit!
We're heading to Whole foods today.
Tuesday and Thursday are my days off. Maybe we could all get together and make something yucky.

Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 10:58 AM 05-22-2006
How old are your kids?
nicholas_mom's Avatar nicholas_mom 03:23 PM 05-22-2006
Hi I live iin Mt. Airy, which is 40 mins WEST of Baltimore.

I just started the NT diet. I made my first Bone Broth this weekend and we will have it for dinner tonight!!! Last week I made butter for the first time with RAW cream.

I would like to know more about the Zook's Farm. We went to Pa but up north In TElford, PA. Turns out my SIL lives 15 mins from the farm!!! I wished I lived 15 mins from this farm http://www.hendricksfarmsanddairy.com/

They have awsome RAW CHEESE!!!!!

My friend and I have made chutneys, bread, ginger ale. We kind of gave up recently because everything we made ended up tasting pretty bad. I'm still hopeful though.
There was a thread here not too long ago that talked about some of her recipes are off....like too much salt in the Giner Carrots and something off with the Ginger Ale.
summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 04:51 PM 05-22-2006
Millersville is super close! I have one DD who is almost 2. I can tell you more about Zooks off-line. I keep meaning to go to David's. You inspired me to make the trip. I have already spent $925 so far on groceries this month (mostly at Whole Foods) so I NEED to do something different. This is killing me. I make everything from scratch now -- shouldn't it be cheaper?? Do you belong to NAP (Natural Approach to Parenting)? It's a local AP group.

Hi to the mom in Mt. Airy -- bone broth is awesome. My first few batches were not very good and then I remembered to add the vinegar -- what a difference! Anyone else out there from Maryland or are we the only 3?
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 05:27 PM 05-22-2006
David's is great for assorted flours. They have whole wheat bread flour, which Whole Foods doesn't seem to carry. It's in the bulk bins. Also, their produce is cheaper (mostly) but a smaller selection. David's bananas are always a lot less than WF, plus they often have over ripe ones super cheap. Great for banana bread!
Today I'm making chicken broth from a yummy chicken I got last week at Springfield Farm (the one up 83) and I'm going to start some ginger carrots. Wish me luck! I'd like to try ginger ale. I had some homemade at a stir fry restaurant once that was so yummy. I wonder if the fermented sweet potatoes are good?
I sometimes go to the Monday NAP walk at the park. Lia and I are in the same LLL group.
I posted in the Maryland forum but didn't find any NT moms yet.

summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 08:42 PM 05-22-2006
The Springfield Farm sounds awesome! Maybe you could show me where it is sometime.

Have you ever bought the lacto-fermented carrots from WF? I like the plain ones (haven't tried the gingered ones yet) and the beets were ok. I guess it would be a lot cheaper to make my own. Fermented sweet potatoes sound great!

Do you worry about the flour at David's being rancid? I think that the reason people grind their own is because what is in the stores (and unfortunately especially what is in the bulk bins) tends to be rancid. I still buy it though. I need a grain grinder. I would totally be interested in getting together to cook or whatever.

I know Lia too (not very well). Did she have her baby yet?

Is there anyone else out there??
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 10:28 PM 05-22-2006
I don't worry about the flour being rancid. I don't have any other choice. It's the only whole wheat bread flour I can find. It seems fine. Would it smell really bad if it was rancid?
I keep looking at the fermented carrots at WF. I'm scared to try them. I'm a pretty picky eater. While I'm excited about NT a lot of it is really beyond what I could ever eat. I started mine today so we'll see how it goes.
I've been doing a lot with broths. I make a mean chicken soup and often I thicken it and make it a pot pie. That's what I did tonight. I made the crust with whole wheat flour, butter, yogurt and a little kefir because it was too thick to roll out. My dh said it was better than the last one I made which was the exact same pot of chicken and gravy so I think it was the crust he liked. Amazing! He never likes anything whole wheat.

I'll be going back to Springfield Farm in a few weeks. I go on Thursday because it's my day off. If you want to go, let me know.

Lia had her baby. Everything went well. We're going to take her some pot pie one day this week.

summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 10:45 PM 05-22-2006
How funny -- I had chicken pot pie tonight for dinner too! I made it with a spelt dough on top -- was a little too thick. I would love to have your recipe for your chicken pot pie. I just used Tyler Florences from Food Network and then made my own egg dough on top. I could definitely use a new and improved recipe.

We are going to pick strawberries tomorrow -- do you work on Tuesdays? Where do you work?

The carrots from WF are really good -- they taste like pickles - yet they are carrots!

I keep hoping some other NT-ers from Maryland find us!
nicholas_mom's Avatar nicholas_mom 11:16 AM 05-24-2006
I like David's Market, too. They have more gluten-free stuff than any WF or Trader Joes around in Maryland.

Out here in Westminster there is a WAPF Yahoo Group with only a few members.

Maybe there is a WAPF Chapter in Annapolis you can check out?


There is a local Chapter in Annapolis.
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 09:57 PM 06-21-2006
I'm heading to PA tomorrow to an Amish farm for raw dairy, pastured chickens, eggs and some beef. I'm so excited!
Do any of you local moms want anything from the farm?

summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 12:13 AM 06-22-2006
I would love some eggs! I just realized that I can't do my normal order w/my co-op because I will be visiting my grandmother out of state on pick up day. Anyway, I can't do the time after that either because I am going to the beach for a week. So it will be a MONTH before I can get my normal delivery. I think I am stocked on everything except eggs. Can you get some for me? Maybe 7 dozen? Is that too many for you to carry?

I can pay you before you go or whatever. I will come pick them up too. Let me know what's best and THANK YOU!
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 12:21 AM 06-22-2006
No problem! Will you be around tomorrow evening to get them?
Tell me about your regular co op!
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 08:39 PM 06-22-2006
I have your eggs. Are you free this evening to come get them? If so, pm me and I'll give you directions. Otherwise, I can give you directions to my work for tomorrow. It's real close by!

summerlilies's Avatar summerlilies 08:42 PM 06-22-2006
Thanks for getting the eggs. Should I come by now? Or tomorrow -- either way and THANKS!!
nicholas_mom's Avatar nicholas_mom 11:00 AM 06-23-2006
Just curious, Pinky, what farm did you visit in PA?:
Pinky Tuscadero's Avatar Pinky Tuscadero 11:43 AM 06-23-2006
Rainbow Acres, near Lancaster. I loved them!