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tamagotchi's Avatar tamagotchi 03:57 PM 07-05-2006
I know that lots of traditional european cheeses are made from pastured and/or raw milk. I'm also interested in finding out more about "alpine" cheeses where the animals graze at high altitudes. We have pretty good cheese shops around here, but I don't know what to shop for. Which traditional cheeses are pastured, alpine-pastured, or raw? Is there a list somewhere?

Fermentula's Avatar Fermentula 04:01 PM 07-05-2006
Here are some interesting links for artisan cheeses. The first link takes you to a list of a number of cheese producers. The second link is to a artisan cheese producer in Vermont that does organic, pastured-Jersey, Alpine-style cheese.

loraxc's Avatar loraxc 04:08 PM 07-05-2006
Here is iGourmet's selection of unpasteurized cheeses:

kdmama33's Avatar kdmama33 09:28 PM 07-05-2006
OMG! Cheese! Cheese is my one true love. I lived in France for many years and became something of a cheese snob while there -- those pics at iGourmet had me drooling all over the place. Thanks for the links.