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dvons's Avatar dvons 10:28 PM 07-06-2006
This is my dumb city girl question of the day!

In the other raw milk thread that is going now there was the suggestion (a great one!) to poke the hole in the bottom to get the cream off the top. Once you have the two separated, what do you have as far as how it would be classified in a grocery store? Heavy cream & nonfat milk? What would make half & half, half milk and half cream?

I'm still learning all this and so far have only used my raw milk as whole milk or made yogurt from the whole milk.


cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 10:32 PM 07-06-2006
yes 1/2 & 1/2 is half milk and half cream...
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 10:33 PM 07-06-2006
when I was getting milk I usually skimmed my cream for my coffee and then just had the milk...I guess it could be called like 1% or something but seriously tasted like whole or maybe 2%...it was still yummy though...just not as creamy as the full thing.
BetsyPage's Avatar BetsyPage 09:45 AM 07-07-2006
I'm getting raw milk today for the first time... How much cream volume-wise, can I expect to get from 1/2 gallon of milk? (I am planning on reserving 1/2 gallon for drinking, 1/2 gallon for making yogurt.) Like enough to use in coffee for a few days, or to make whipped cream? I have no idea.
dvons's Avatar dvons 01:08 PM 07-07-2006
Well I just seperated my first gallon this morning and i got about 20oz of cream off the top. That's like 15% of the gallon? This is from green pastured Jersey cows which I am told produce more cream than any other breed.