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ccasanova's Avatar ccasanova 09:29 PM 07-12-2006
I tried the www.cheesemaking.com source listed in the NT book but I guess they no longer have it because nothing comes up in the search??? Does anyone else know of an online place for active buttermilk culture? I like too far away from Whole Foods to drive over there just to see if they have it. thanks mamas!

cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 02:47 AM 07-13-2006
ccasanova's Avatar ccasanova 03:11 AM 07-13-2006
I found a great site! I don't remember the address but will post it when I find it again. On the site it said that you can use existing buttermilk as a starter! So that makes it a lot easier to make buttermilk then I thought! 1 part cultured buttermilk to 4 parts milk. I don't know if it has to be whole millk buttermilk or if the lowfat buttermilk that I usually see at the store is good enough. I'll try experimenting...
craftynsewon's Avatar craftynsewon 01:21 PM 07-13-2006
Visit David Fankhauser's web site.... he goes into detail on how to make yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, rootbeer, gingerale.. and more he is a homesteading college professor and is extremely helpful.


buttermilk can be made from any buttermilk but you have to be sure that it is "cultured" buttermilk so that there is a live culture to use.