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No, never 10 7.63%
Yes, about once a year 6 4.58%
Yes, about once a month 18 13.74%
Yes, about once a week 41 31.30%
Yes, nearly every day 48 36.64%
I am a farmer 8 6.11%
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Dillpicklechip's Avatar Dillpicklechip 12:02 PM 04-07-2007
I fantasize every day about having a farm. In fact, I have fantasized about living on a farm since I was about 10 years old. I've always lived in the city, but my parents used to take my sisters and me out into the country a lot to pick-your-own farms and Sunday picnics, and I always loved the open spaces and fresh air so much. By the time I was 12 I had developed a plan of what exactly I wanted my farm to be like--it included (I remember) a field of sunflowers, an apple orchard and some ponies.

It never happened though, although it remained in the back of my mind all these years. The last little while as I have become more concerned about the quality of the food I'm feeding my family, my desire to have a farm has flared into full flame again. Only now I'd replace the field of sunflowers with chickens and cows.

My husband grew up in the country, and he'd like to move back too. We live in a particularly dirty and unappealing city and long to give our children the chance to connect with the earth. However, I don't know if it will ever happen...because of that little thing called money. DH has been unemployed for over half a year now, I bring in very little. I just don't know how we could go about packing up and moving into the country. All of our ideas to make money come from our hypothetical farm, so how do you make the money to get there?

*Jessica*'s Avatar *Jessica* 01:02 AM 04-08-2007
I fantasize daily about a lovely little homestead. (You should see the little collection of books I have started!) My grandparents are finding it too hard to take care of their property as they reach ages 80 & 85 and we have considered buying it from them. I don't know how enthused Marc is about it, though, so I try not to get too excited. I think if it wasn't for the tiny size of the house he would be much more enthused.'s about 14 acres, with a pond far enough away from the house for me to feel safe, a HUGE blueberry patch, lots of room for gardening, tons of woods. *sigh* And it's right around the corner from my parents' house. We would very likely be able to cut a nice path between houses since the properties back up to each other. (Papa gave my father and uncle each 4 acres when they were in their 20s.) And we like my parents enough to live that close.
Dillpicklechip's Avatar Dillpicklechip 12:24 PM 04-08-2007
Wow Jessica, that sounds amazing. Especially the blueberry patch! I really hope that works out for you.
*Jessica*'s Avatar *Jessica* 12:59 PM 04-08-2007
Originally Posted by Dillpicklechip View Post
Wow Jessica, that sounds amazing. Especially the blueberry patch! I really hope that works out for you.
Me too!
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