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AJP's Avatar AJP 03:14 PM 09-27-2006
The milk I have is what was delivered last Tuesday, so as far as I can determine that's well past the batch consumed by the kids who got sick. I'm in N. CA, and I don't know if that makes a difference in terms of which batches get delivered to which areas. Anyway, I'm leaning towards drinking it. My hubby will, he's not scared of it. But my son...? Being responsible for someone else's well-being is nervewracking sometimes.

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 03:21 PM 09-27-2006

If it causes you even a bit of stress, I would not drink it or feed it to your son. I'm not sure when the sick children got their milk, but it takes 3-5 days after eating (I think) to get sick. Maybe someone has specifics on that.

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 04:07 PM 09-27-2006
Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
Okay, then I don't feel so bad paying what we pay for our milk. It's even more expensive for you. And wow! Half gallons for $0.67 - how awesome would that have been.
I pay slightly more than that for QUARTS of conventional milk (well, WIC pays it, I just pick it out.) Once DS turns 5 and outgrows WIC (mid November) I'll look into buying healthier milk for the whole family- I just can't see the point in not using free food.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 04:10 PM 09-27-2006
Here's an article from the Fresno Bee from Saturday morning. It talks about the fourth child and has a picture of Mark McAfee. He's on fire.
darwinphish's Avatar darwinphish 04:18 PM 09-27-2006
If it makes you feel any better, we (DD, DH and I) unknowingly drank about 3 bottles after the outbreak with no ill effect - we're also in N. Ca.

GF, yes, I totally agree! The USDA needs to be completely reformed!
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 04:37 PM 09-27-2006
We continued drinking what we had (expiration of 9/23 iirc) *after* finding out about the outbreak. : I knew the milk was fine (just a hunch on the whole government idea of raw milk=disease/illness), and we had already been drinking the same expiration dated milk for at least a week. I also still have raw butter in my fridge, as well really raw cheese from them.
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 04:39 PM 09-27-2006
I got this from the Yahoo RawMilk group:

Mark sent me this and asked me to share it with you all. This ROCKS! My heavens, this man is brilliant.
Shawn D.

Current status of OPDC Raw Milk
  1. Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of our consumers, especially children.
  1. We are all waiting for the last tests to come in from the State Lab prior to having product back on shelves.
  1. Retraction of the recall by the state will occur at that time.
  1. The tests have already shown negative from results from OPDC on-farm lab. These are being confirmed by state lab and BSK labs in Fresno.
  1. The four children that the state claims were sickened by raw milk are doing as follows: two are at home and were never significantly ill or hospitalized and are now home ( more of a scare than an illness ). The news say that one drank OPDC raw milk and one drank another brand of raw milk??. . Two remain in the hospital at Loma Linda, one of the parents deny their child’s illness was caused by raw milk but say that vegetables eaten at a sushi bar caused the illness, she is recovering and doing much better and making urine ( recovering well ). The last child is very sick and is officially on the spinach list ( according to close sources that have knowledge of the hospital and treatment ).
  1. All tests so far that have been taken at the dairy, and from the market place tested by the state confirm 100% negative for any Ecoli 0157-H7. The only positive tests have been from tests of children feces!!! The dairy has even taken fresh manure samples and tested them for the pathogen, it is not present and 100% negative. Independent testing performed by BSK labs in Fresno confirm that zero ecoli 0157-H7 are present in product samples.
  1. The state of CA and OPDC have settled a pending litigation nightmare ( $100 million dollar brand defamation lawsuit ) if we agreed to cooperate with a round of comprehensive testing to triple check the negative test results already performed. With this agreement the state has agreed to have products back on shelves within four days of Saturday September 23. This gives them time to get results back. We have pledged ourselves to a 100% commitment to educate the state about what natural raw milk from grass fed cows is. They do not know about pathogen-free milk from grass fed cows. They are assuming that OPDC raw milk is like factory-farm raw milk….filled with pathogens. On top of that we are trying our best to gain their complete trust with regards to our intensive testing protocols. In the end we should have a much better relationship with CDFA and raw milk will not be blamed on a "shoot first and ask questions later" basis. This recall showed extreme bias by the state and the some of the media reports and how they interpreted the recall notice.
  1. A huge rally is being planned for next week after the recall is retracted. Sally Fallon and myself will speak. We will all toast with raw milk in front of the national media. We will also ask the state to become our partners in the health of our children and work for a better understanding of immune health and probiotics. We will emphasize the extreme damaging effects of antibiotic misuse as well as immune suppression, and the role that whole, unprocessed foods and enzyme rich, biodiverse raw milk plays in health….we want CDFA to be on our side as we become the most enlightened state in the USA where raw milk is a common part of every ones diet and immune health is an expectation rather than an exception.
Please keep an eye on 1-877 RAW MILK for more to come and the details of the rally.

Only living milk brings life!!!

Mark McAfee
Founder OPDC

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 04:51 PM 09-27-2006

When was that letter dated? I wonder only because we are outside of the 4-day window now. And I assume the rally planned "next week" is now this current week. Maybe?

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 04:56 PM 09-27-2006
I intended to mention the litigation issue earlier. The milk recall has disappeared from the news (as much as someone in the wilderness and without TV can tell). I expect it's because the state does not want to expose itself any further than it has. It did issue the initial press releases.
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 05:34 PM 09-27-2006
The release above was dated Sept. 25th - so, it was posted to the group on Monday. I'm not sure how much lag time there was between the moderator getting it and then posting it to the group.

And I'm curious to know more about the "rally" too - if I were brave enough to drive to it with 3 boys, I would totally be there. Have you heard anything about it?

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 05:51 PM 09-27-2006
I haven't heard a thing, but I'd probably be able to go. I'll be in Visalia tomorrow and Friday anyway. But with no announcements yet, it probably would be this weekend or next week. Who knows. I've got one boy who can entertain (or perhaps find mischief with) your three. And I assume this would be in the Fresno area. That's two hours for us, though just an hour from Visalia. How about you?
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 09:46 PM 09-27-2006
We are down in Long Beach, and I think we typically make Fresno in about 4 hours when we go to Yosemite. Yes, my boys would definitely be the "make mischief" types. If you hear anything, let me know ... especially if it's on a weekend, my dh would totally be all over driving up there on a whim - we used to do spontaneous road trips before children all the time.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 09:59 PM 09-27-2006
Hey, it's appropriate you are asking about the milk diet since Charles Sanford Porter, THE Milk Diet guru from a century ago had a "sanitarium" in Long Beach before it was even called "Long Beach" I believe.
2sweetboysmom's Avatar 2sweetboysmom 09:38 PM 09-28-2006
Gale Force, do you have any new news regarding the end of the recall, and or the previously mentioned rally? I am keeping a window open to the OP site and keep refreshing it once an hour or so. I don't know if I can talk DH into the fuel expenditure to drive up to the Central Valley but I would love to go. Having grown up in Visalia I almost feel like OP is extended family. Not to mention I want it to be wildly aparent to the state and media that there are a lot of us who believe in the safety and necessity of raw dairy. If I cannot come I think I will contribute to the raw milk film they are working on.
I called my HFS and asked about when they were expecting raw fluid milk. They were feeling hopefull and think maybe tomorrow they will have milk again. :
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 09:55 PM 09-28-2006
No idea. I think lawyers on both sides have counseled to keep traps shut until this is concluded. It's hard otherwise to understand the media silence. Hopefully we'll have a bit of notice on the rally if there is one.
guestmama9916's Avatar guestmama9916 10:00 PM 09-28-2006
Dr. Mercola has a 5 minute video on his website talking about E. coli and Organic Pastures milk. He says that the e. coli strain blamed on the milk was the same one that contaminated the spinach. He believes the 4 kids were contaminated by spinach and not by the milk. Its a very interesting 5 minutes!

Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 10:25 PM 09-28-2006
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 10:33 PM 09-28-2006
For those of you who get email notifications, I should be less cryptic:

I linked to a thread with info on a press conference tomorrow (Friday) at the Organic Pastures dairy.
Icon's Avatar Icon 10:51 PM 09-28-2006

Sorry, new here, but hope this helps someone out. luckily I had 5 gallons frozen, so thus far I have been unaffected. down to 3.5 now.
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 10:59 PM 09-28-2006
Wecome Icon and thanks for the link.

I will bring a couple of gallons in the cooler tomorrow for refreshments.
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 11:08 PM 09-28-2006
woo hoo!!! So, you think they'll be selling some tomorrow? We could pack the cooler and bring a bunch home for the freezer!
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 11:11 PM 09-28-2006
Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders View Post
woo hoo!!! So, you think they'll be selling some tomorrow? We could pack the cooler and bring a bunch home for the freezer!

Yep, it's $8/gallon direct from the dairy. Who knows. I'd bring a cooler.
Icon's Avatar Icon 02:35 AM 09-29-2006
You are welcome! Its to far of a drive for me, but I got them some new customers today to make up for the bad press, and have managed to correct most of my friends and neighbors who immediately tried to save me and my children from getting sick.
2sweetboysmom's Avatar 2sweetboysmom 04:22 AM 09-29-2006
Heater coil just went out in car. No way to make it over the hills to come tomorrow. I really wanted to go too. I will be there in spirit and will be quite the media junkie trying to find some coverage of the press conf from here.
Drink some raw milk in public for me Gale Force
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 11:40 AM 09-29-2006
OK, we'll get a report back to you guys as soon as possible (which is likely pretty late tonight). You should be able to dissect the news up and down before that.
seahorsie's Avatar seahorsie 12:47 AM 09-30-2006
Here is the latest I've read - how was the press conference?

CDFA lifts quarantine of Organic Pastures raw milk and cream

September 29, 2006 6:50pm

• Operation given clean bill of health by state

• Fresno County still imposes some restrictions

A quarantine on raw whole milk, raw skim milk and raw cream produced by Organic Pastures Dairy Co., a dairy farm and processing plant in Fresno, was lifted late Friday.

Organic Pastures has met the requirements of the state veterinarian to clear its manufacturing operations, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

However, the Fresno County Department of Community Health, Environmental Health Division, which oversees farm operations, still has restrictions in place requiring that Organic Pastures raw milk may only be used for manufactured products ? such as cheese ? and may not be used for Grade-A fluid raw milk and raw cream.

“To clarify, the lifting of the quarantine does not mean that Organic Pastures raw milk and raw cream will immediately be returning to retail shelves. Until the Fresno County restrictions are removed, the dairy still may not bottle fluid milk and cream,” CDFA says.

The Fresno County restrictions on Organic Pastures farm, which are not related to the quarantine, are due to a higher somatic cell count than regulations allow in Grade-A fluid milk, the state says.

High somatic cell counts are not a human health issue, but affect product shelf life and taste. Fresno County is working with Organic Pastures to resolve this issue as soon as possible, according to CDFA.

On Sept. 21, the state issued a recall and quarantine hold of raw milk products produced by Organic Pastures. CDFA says state law requires the state veterinarian to take action when epidemiological evidence links a danger to health with an animal product.

“Experts at the California Department of Health Services studied all information available to determine linkages in the cases of four children stricken with E. coli O157:H7 bacterial illness,” says CDFA. “That information revealed that the only common exposure reported by all four cases was consumption of raw milk or raw colostrum from Organic Pastures in the week prior to symptom onset.”
Sammy'sMommy's Avatar Sammy'sMommy 09:46 PM 04-03-2007
Personally I feel that big milk that pasturizes is to blame for the scare they dont want this raw milk thing to get big and take away their profit.

does anyone know where to get raw milk that does not cost so much? I have a baby that drinks a gallon in 2 days.
chloeM's Avatar chloeM 12:01 AM 04-04-2007
just dropping in to say a big HELLO!!! We live in Canada and it is totally illegal to sell raw milk Thankfully its not illegal to buy over the border and bring back and we are 15 minutes from Washington I did find an organic farm that was willing to sell me it on the sly but I couldnt do it knowing that if they got caught they could go to jail and I didnt feel good about it. I think its totally silly. There have been many foods that have caused illnesses, usually not long lived ones, but tampering with the food that God gave us to enjoy in its wholeness has caused so many more problems!!! If you compare the illnesses from pasterized milk that stripped the good protective bacteria compared to the real milk that contains mabe a little bad bacteria and huge amount of good bacteria, the pasturized has caused much more illnesses, but people arent convinced. Next thing you know spinach is gonna be banned. Just like people to throw the baby out with the bath water. Anywho, talking about a milk diet for healing. Im kinda doing that now kinda. Im drinking at liest a litre of raw kefir milk for colitis, and not much anyhing else. There is some guy in Ontario Canada that has gone on a raw milk fast to prove to the government that its safe . Im in!!
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