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easiest to digest: grains or legumes, whole or ground

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I've had some digestive issues in the past and I'm not sure they're entirely gone. I've been mostly off grains and legumes for almost a year and am ready to start adding them back in. Which is easier to digest--gluten-free grains like brown rice and millet (I know it's technically a seed), or legumes like lentils? And with the GF grains, are whole grains or flour products easier to digest (properly prepared, of course)?
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I am not sure which is best as I don't have any digestive issues, thankfully. I have read however, that sprouting/soaking your grains before baking with them allows for much easier digestion. Maybe try that or read up on it to double check me...
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I'm not totally sure, but my best logical guess is that ground anything would be easier b/c the body has to to less work - freshly ground that is, and soaked in acidic medium, etc. Actually sprouted grains (maybe also spr.legumes) are probably the easiet of all to digest... I've heard their composition changes so much that they're as easy to digest as vegetables.

Re. grain vs. legume, I think this might be an individual thing for each person's body... a friend of mine has very sensitive digestion and she can't eat beans at all b/c they make her bloat (even soaked) but I'm fine with beans. Then there are the people who are gluten intolorant so most grains don't work for them.

Hope you get a definitive answer from one of these really knowledgeable mamas

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I'd agree that flour will be easier to digest than whole grains. If what Di said is correct, I'd look for sprouted, non-glutenous flours. I know there's a website that sells soaked bean flours, but I don't know if they do lentils or not. As per grains or seeds vs legumes, I don't know.
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I'm struggling with the same questions in trying to introduce some foods to my sons (who have been on a Specific carbohdrate diet without legumes, or grains).
My thinking process is this: My understanding is that digestive enzymes are helpful in breaking down grains but not so much legumes. I figure our stomachs have enzymes too and the same might be true (speculation). So I decided to do grains along with enzymes. I also read that while taking vitamin C with grains helps combat their interference with nutrients the same is not true with legumes. Both of those things made me decide to go with grains.
I am limiting it to buckwheat, millet, aramanth as they are hopefully easier to digest and using enzymes and I'm going to go slowly.

I am also soaking and cooking well. Whatever you decide you'll want to soak them prior to cooking. I noticed that you have to soak legumes much longer than grains so that is another factor for me.
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