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Raw Dairy Okay in a Candida Diet?

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Dd1 is on a strict candida diet & taking Culturelle probiotics - some sites say dairy is fine & some say no dairy - if I take away raw dairy, Dd1 will wither away to nothing. The only lightly pasteurized dairy we consume is Seven Stars yogurt (plain, organic, biodynamic & local!)

We drink raw milk, raw butter, raw sour cream, raw cottage cheese, raw cheddar & raw milk kefir...and then the Seven Stars yogurt.

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I am not going to be of much help. because I am wondering the same thing. I know the diet I have been looking at says no dairy no way. I am having a hard time swallowing that information. So I am going to keep checking this thread out to see what others think. I have candida, I want it to go away, but gosh some of the diets I see are just going to be sooooo hard to follow. Getting off the sugar right now..... .

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I eliminated candida and used dairy. However I only used dairy that contained NO lactose. Raw butter, raw aged hard cheeses and homemade yogurt fermented for 24 hours to get rid of all the lactose. It was easy and quite rapidly successful.

I think everyone is different, but I don't think using raw milk would be a good idea because of all the sugar.
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I agree with firefaery, candida feeds on sugar, any sugar, including lactose. Kids are a little different than adults, though, and I think can use a little bit of natural sugars and still do very well recovering from candida. Also, everyone is different and finding what works for you and your dd is the most important thing. I'm having alot of success using a prebiotic(inulin) with my probiotics to insure that the colonies flourish. I also use dairy with little to no lactose. Best wishes and I would love to hear how your dd's journey from candida goes, my dd 3 1/2 is dealing with it, too.
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I would be encouraging the kefir and lots of it for the beneficial yeasts. You could also whiz the kefir grains themselves up in smoothies, that has been excellent for my DS who doesn't really like the taste of kefir (the grains don't taste like much of anything but just add a smooth thick consistency).
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How funny, we are just now dealing with this as well. I actually just called Dr. Ron's about it.


They recommended getting their Yeast formula (with smaller amounts for ds) and their liquid probiotic, Doc's Friendly Flora. We will all be taking these two things (in addition to cod liver oil, x factor butter, Dr. Ron's natural vit C etc )

I actually asked this EXACT question because of all the controversy I hear about dairy and no dairy for getting rid of candida. I was told that Dr. Ron ABSOLUTELY recommends raw dairy (and this includes milk) to drink while getting rid of candida. That it will help replace the bad stuff with good stuff.

If you didn't already know....Dr. Ron is the author of The Untold Story of Milk

His practice is very centered on Nourishing Traditions.

I'd love to hear other thoughts on this. I think this is what we are going to try. Those above formulas and leaving out all sugars and even fruits for a while. I hope it works. This is crazy dealing with this :

I'm also a member of this support group
They have amazing amounts of info and are very NT. Although, no...she doesn't support raw milk in the process.

It's difficult with so many opinions isn't it? We'll be on the yeast formula for at least one month. I will have to decide if we'll be having milk or maybe just yogurt and aged cheeses like mentioned above. Even Bee (from the yahoo group) says butter is awesome while getting rid of candida.
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As confusing as it is think of it this way: all of our bodies are different. We absorb and utilize things differently, our histories are varied and what got us into this condition is not going to be the same from one person to another. OUr cellular makeup is unique. What rid my body of yeast may very well foster it's growth in yours.

There are many good ideas out there in terms of yeast control-but I don't believe there will ever be one true answer (beyond great gut flora in mama, no exposure to toxins, only eating organic and pastured foods, no medication/vaccines etc.) to perfect health.

That said the best thing to do is to pick a treatment that seems sound. Use it with an open mind. IF it doesn't work look for the next option. You will find something that works and at that point you will have a better working knowledge of your body!
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My Dds LOOOOVE kefir grains! When I'm straining the kefir they stand there begging for them. I just drop a plump grain in each of their hands & they gobble them up & ask for more.

We do drink a lot of raw milk...I have The Untold Story of Raw Milk & I like Dr. Ron, but maybe I should cut it out for Dd1. She can still pig out on raw cheddar , kefir & yogurt.

Would raw cottage cheese be okay? Raw sour cream?

We buy Seven Stars yogurt - it's not raw, but the plain has no sugar added - do you think that's okay?
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Do you all have any fav sites for children with candida?
I think anything with 0 carbs should be ok for a candida diet, as long as your dd isn't having a reaction. Candida feeds on sugar not yeast, right? My dd loves dairy, too, and I can't imagine life without butter, some cheese and kefir or yogurt, we use raw if possible and organic otherwise. I'm hoping this is ok, too. I fell pretty good if I can keep refined sugar and wheat at bay, it seems to be everywhere out there and all her friends eat sugar all the time
I would love to hear what's working for you all, the probiotics are helping alot around here.
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Healing Candida naturally for children and babies

this is from my yahoo group that I mentioned above in a pp.
You may not be able to see it unless you sign up for the group at groups.yahoo.com

if you sign up you should be able to see it. It's really great!
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