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Anyone in or around Redmond, WA looking for raw milk, meats, cheese, eggs?

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This is somewhat shameless plug, somewhat I found a place that offers all this so I thought I would pass it on.

To start with, I have a drop point at my house for raw Jersey Milk from Dungeness Valley Creamery. Milk is $8.50/gallon (exact same milk sells at Whole Foods for $12.99). $4.50/half gallon.

I am editing this to say I no longer have access to eggs, meats or cheese at the Kenmore Milk Shed. Their egg production was significantly less than they thought it would be, and it's not worth it to me to go up just for cheese and meat.

I have started ordering my meat through Thundering Hooves. They have EXCELLENT grass-fed meats for very fair prices. They deliver to Bellevue once a month or so. You can Email me if you're interested or just go to their website, which is not sure!
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ooh - PMing you
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Oh, I wish I could! : Redmond is about 1 hour 20 minutes from me, so I couldn't justify the drive.
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I wish I wasn't so far away! You are about an hour north of me!
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I am just plain jealous! I used to live in Sammamish, but now I live in Omaha. I miss the NW. Congrats on your find though!!
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The last few years have been a struggle to find all of these items for me. Now I feel as if they were just handed to me. I wish I could share with more of you! Maybe in the future we will all have access to such fine Safeway! (stranger things have happened...)
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Oooh, are you the one that serves as a drop-point for people coming from Seattle? I've heard talk of a mythical place where raw milk is dropped off and available for nearly half the price!!
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Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. But yes, I'm one of those mythical drop points for milk at almost half price. $8.50/gal. It's from Dungeness Valley Creamery, very good Jersey milk. I also have access to lots of other things; eggs, cheese, grass-fed butter (pasteurized but very yummy), meat, CLO, coconut oil, black tea for kombucha... I am becomming a store, it seems. Anyway, let me know if you're interested!
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Yeah I am interested in milk, eggs, and beef. But why so damn expensive? Could the price be a few bucks cheaper?
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Well, it's not cheap to produce these high quality items. The organic food, certification and delivery expenses add up.

You might do better to look around a bit more, maybe you'll find something that works for you.
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Do they have chicken or lamb as well? I dont eat beef and am off dairy , very tempted to try raw milk but am BFing DD and she is allergic. We are on a total elimination diet but we eat chicken & lamb.
Thanks..PS - If you post this on the tribes forum, you will get a better response for sure.
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They order meat from which has every kind of meat you can imagine, but I think their chicken supply comes and goes. The meat is delivered to the shed once a month. The only meat they have stocked in their freezers right now is beef.

Thanks for the tip about the tribes!
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I checked and it said the only sources of raw milk are at Whole Foods, with the Dungeness Valley Milk, and then at Larry's market near Redmond Town Center with rainhaven raw goat milk. Are there any other sources? Also, does that mean you are the only source of raw butter around here too? Does anyone know how to make raw butter from milk?
Feedback greatly appreciated.
BTW, I am not a mother, but a college male very interested in raw dairy & its health benefits.

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You can get the rainhaven milk at the IGA in snoqualmie ridge, the small grocery store in Fall City and family grocer in Duvall as well.
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