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amcal's Avatar amcal 11:52 PM 10-08-2007
I went to pick up a scoby from someone locally and he gave me 4 of them. I used one to make a gallon of kombucha but I'm wondering how to store the extras? The guy who gave them to me had them stored in a glass jar on the counter. Do they need to be refrigerated?

Mrshawwk's Avatar Mrshawwk 02:02 AM 10-09-2007
I have found that scoby's are incredibly sturdy. They live through anything. But if I was you I would store it in the fridge with a little kombucha in it. That will give it something to eat and the cold will make it eat slower. Make sense? I have even heard of putting some extra sugar in the jar for long storage.

I have an idea, though, that you will start to have scoby's coming out of your ears, so to speak. Every time you make kombucha you will get a new scoby. I just have to throw them away, I have sooo many...