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Zoeanne's Avatar Zoeanne 11:07 PM 01-18-2008
Starting next month, i will be able to buy raw milk locally (a farm in VA will be delivering it to my area.

There is a one-time cow-share fee of $100, and a one-time bottle charge of $15.

After that, the monthly "boarding" fee is $35 (for one gallon of milk a week), and the weekly delivery fee is $3.50 (regardless of how much milk I buy)

Not including the one-time fees, this comes to over $12 a gallon. Is that a reasonable price for raw milk?

I have just begun investigating the idea of raw milk, and really don't know if we can afford $50/month for milk!

tamagotchi's Avatar tamagotchi 11:09 PM 01-18-2008
We pay $3.99 per quart (plus a $1.25 bottle deposit)
thomlynn's Avatar thomlynn 11:20 PM 01-18-2008
I pay $10 per gallon, which is just slightly more expenisve than organic pasturized milk in my area. I'm in a coop where about every other month I drive an hour to pick up the milk and each week I drive 20min to meet that weeks driver to pick up my share (the cost of gas and travel time factors into the cost IMO).
tboroson's Avatar tboroson 11:33 PM 01-18-2008
I pay around $5.50/gallon, give or take fifty cents depending on which farmer I buy from. I understand that in states where you have to go through the cow-share rigmarole, it's going to be more expensive. But... that's absurd. Seriously, I would go dairy free first.
PeggyinNC's Avatar PeggyinNC 11:47 PM 01-18-2008
We pay 5 bucks a gallon; when we first started about a year ago it was 3.75/gal.
I think raw milk is worth it. I would probably pay 10/gal if I needed to...but that might be just me...'cause I live on the stuff!
thedomesticdiva's Avatar thedomesticdiva 12:07 AM 01-19-2008
In SC we pay $6.50 with no taxes and I have to pick it up.
saratc's Avatar saratc 12:30 AM 01-19-2008
I'm paying between $5.50 and $6.50 a gallon.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 12:34 AM 01-19-2008
Wow, I think its high.

I used to pay $2 a gallon from a family that just sold their extra milk. I sure miss it!

I've found another place and its closer to $5 a gallon plus bottle depoist.
jamie79's Avatar jamie79 01:48 AM 01-19-2008
I don't know where you are in North Carolina, but there is a farm where I get my raw milk in Anderson, SC for $4/gallon and $10/half gallon of cream. He also has buttermilk and will make 2% milk if you want it. Don't know why you would though...Anyways, I think he delivers to a large farmers market in Charleston. You may be way too far away for it to work out, but you never know. I get my milk every 3 weeks and it lasts at least 4.

HTH, Jamie

Oh yeah, PM me if you want details.
snowbunny's Avatar snowbunny 01:03 PM 01-19-2008
We paid a $50 fee per share plus $20 month boarding fee per share. It amounts to $10/gallon and it is so worth it especially considering a 1/2 gallon of organic UHT milk costs $4.76 at the HFS.
steph117's Avatar steph117 01:22 PM 01-19-2008
Our milk club charges yearly dues (between $25/50) and delivery fees (usually about 10% of each order). Depending on which farm you purchase from, milk here is roughly $4/quart, and 7.50/gallon.
aprilibarra's Avatar aprilibarra 01:30 PM 01-19-2008
i pay $30/yr and $8/gal. its a lot, and i really can't pay anymore.
aprilibarra's Avatar aprilibarra 01:31 PM 01-19-2008
i'm in north central texas, btw.
tabitha's Avatar tabitha 01:48 PM 01-19-2008
we milk a cow, but to buy it here i would pay $4/ gallon. milk sales are legal here, though, w/o a cow share. we may be buying it soon when i dry off NiƱa.
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 01:59 PM 01-19-2008
The farmers we get our eggs, meat etc from will be milking cows soon and it is supposed to be $6 a gallon.
Tigeresse's Avatar Tigeresse 02:16 PM 01-19-2008
I pay $6.50/gal, $20/yr cow share. We pick up every 2 weeks at a health food store. I would pay more if I had to, but right now we are only consuming about 1 gal/week.
kbchavez's Avatar kbchavez 04:24 PM 01-19-2008
When I can get raw goat milk here, it's $14/gallon!:
AJP's Avatar AJP 04:48 PM 01-19-2008
I can't believe no one else from CA has spoken up yet to tell you that here we pay about $16/gal. There are two dairies that sell raw milk in stores, their prices are about the same (one has much larger distribution). CSA/cow-share arrangements are usually less (it was $8/gal when I used one a number of years ago), but most raw milk consumers here get it from one of the retail dairies because there are few opportunities to get it from a local farmer or family cow keeper. CA law says that only Grade A dairies can sell milk, and there are specific regulations for raw milk for retail sale, so it's technically illegal for small farmers to sell raw milk if they're not a licenced, Grade A dairy, and anything like that is done under the table. There are a few cow-shares around, apparently, and some others in development, and a few low-profile CSA farms that keep a cow or two, but at this point those are only a tiny portion of the raw milk available here.
ani'smommy's Avatar ani'smommy 05:07 PM 01-19-2008
$4/gallon, $4 for a pound of butter and $4 for a pint of cream. So so so worth it.
lastrid's Avatar lastrid 11:52 PM 01-19-2008
I live in MD and buy from PA. I feel incredibly lucky that I pay $6.00 a gallon. MD is so expensive for everything else.
lauradbg's Avatar lauradbg 12:01 AM 01-20-2008
$6.50 a gallon here. Only a little more than Trader Joe's organic milk. We love our raw milk.
Bitter Green's Avatar Bitter Green 12:09 AM 01-20-2008
Wow, so cheap in some areas! You're so lucky!
In Canada, where we must go through shares, the one I know of it's about $16/gallon plus your initial share payment. That's for cow's milk.
nicolelynn 01:05 AM 01-20-2008
Ditto in CA- I pay $7.89 for 1/2 gallon of Organic Pastures (=$15.78/gallon).
But since it's just DH and I and we really don't drink much milk (we get most our dairy in butter, cheese and yogurt)...I divide it in 3 containers and freeze each so it lasts us 3 weeks. The raw cream is $11/pint! I get that when I can afford it...otherwise I just get organic/pasturized since I just use a dab in coffee anyways.
member234098's Avatar member234098 01:07 AM 01-20-2008
$4.00 a quart.

and a refundable bottle fee of $1.25.
Rachel J.'s Avatar Rachel J. 01:28 AM 01-20-2008
Wow, makes me feel spoiled. I pay $3/gal for raw milk which is less than what I pay for crappy store milk. Of course the cow was just dried off so I'm not paying or getting anything right now (so crappy store milk it is). I think it's illegal here so that probably contributes to the low prices
ComfyCozy's Avatar ComfyCozy 04:29 AM 01-20-2008
In NOVA, but I travel to PA to get my milk. I pay $4 a gallon. The bottle deposit is $2 for each half-gallon bottle, but when you return the bottles it comes off your next purchase.
RawGoddess's Avatar RawGoddess 11:05 PM 01-22-2008
I used to pay $8 per gallon for milk and $8 quart for cream in Omaha, ne
sistermama's Avatar sistermama 12:35 AM 01-23-2008
In upstate NY I pay $7.20/gallon for biodynamic raw milk. I could probably get it from another farm for cheaper, but this farm is biodynamically run by an anthroposophical foundation and I feel super good about their practices, etc.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 12:39 AM 01-23-2008
I pay $3.25 a quart, plus $1.25 bottle deposit. IF I get milk from the coop that week. Ohterwise, $3.99 a quart, or $7.99 a half gallon.
~Boudicca~'s Avatar ~Boudicca~ 12:45 AM 01-23-2008
$3.50 for a half-gallon in a glass bottle her in Nowhere, CT.
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