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I'd like to hear more about "gut" health, autoimmune disorders, MCS, obesity and other health crisis (pl?) and how TFs helped cure, manage or deal with them, is anyone interested in sharing their stories or links? There was a little talk of this on the thread about S.F. and I got really curious. What exactly did you eat or not eat that helped, how did you know what to eat and how much? I don't know where to start looking and I'm inspired by your successes.
Thank you.
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(We have had thread in the past like this so maybe that is why more people are not answering )

I had many health issues...first I got cavities and anxiety at age 22. Then After I had ds at 24, I had severe PPD/PPP. Then went on to have a miscariage and hemmorage, cervical dysplasia, and severe body aches and fatigue (ended up being Lyme's disease) around age 26. Plus I had about 35 pounds to lose. For a while I thought I found just feel horrible forever and then die.

What helped me heal was taking out my intolerant foods (gluten, dairy, eggs) and eating a low-carb TF diet (mostly meats, fat, and produce). I also healed my adrenals, balanced my hormones, and corrected my severe nutreint defiencies with the help of supplements. I also worked on how I deal with stress and my emotions.

I lost the weight and I am about to have a baby. I no longer have Lyme symptoms or any mental health problems. (I am still working on my teeth and I am hoping my cervical dysplasia has resolved). I feel so normal sometimes I cannot believe it!


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