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pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 04:54 PM 06-10-2008
My dad is seeing an ND for numerous reasons. He suggested that my dad take around 2000-3000mg of DHA/EPA as an anti-inflammatory. My dad was going to get it from CLO, but he'd have to take an incredibly large dosage of it and then I'm a little bit hesitant of him ingesting all of those PUFAs. I remember there being some controversy over that on the native nutrition list.

Of course, add to that the issues with fish (mercury, declining ocean populations, etc) and the need for the large amount of even the HVCLO seems even less appealing.

Mercola suggests krill oil instead. Any thoughts on this? HVCLO for vit. A & D and krill oil for the DHA/EPA? Are there better sources?

spiderdust's Avatar spiderdust 01:03 AM 06-11-2008
Hemp oil? Although I don't know what the DHA content is of it.
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 01:25 AM 06-11-2008
There are vegan DHA supps if you want to avoid fish altogether, and you're okay with whatever type of algae it is. To me it seems like DHA and EPA are PUFAs that are worth it--the imbalance with the omega-6's is a problem, so supplementing to correct the imbalance along with dietary changes that make the current diet balanced seems reasonable to me.

We've got an algae oil from Thorne now, but I our old one almost had vegan in the name.... can't quite remember it.
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 08:08 PM 06-11-2008
I'd rather stay away from the vegan ones as I know the conversion between the form they're in and the useable forms in our body are pretty abysmal. So I'm guessing then that only leaves fish oil of some sort - krill or HVCLO.

Any other thoughts on the PUFA issue as it relates to this? My dad's already eating a TF type diet so there is certainly less PUFAs in his diet than in your typical SAD, but still...
Gale Force's Avatar Gale Force 10:19 PM 06-11-2008
IMO he should follow the rec and take a high dose EPA+DHA. He would need a huge amount of krill oil for that. One that's widely available is Nordic Naturals. I found one that I like even better but it's not in stores. Omega 3s are PUFAs but they are also anti-inflammatory. They were a large part of some traditional diets, but a big open question is how much some of us need when we spent decades depriving our bodies of it.

pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 08:07 PM 06-13-2008
GaleForce - thanks! I located the Nordic Naturals one online. I suspect we'll probably have to get it online since I don't think we can find it locally, but we shall see! My suspicion was that it would be worth the extra PUFAs in his case, but I wanted to see if there was any other thoughts on the issue out there!