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AwakenedMama's Avatar AwakenedMama 08:52 PM 07-27-2008
We use store bought rotisserie chickens a lot, especially when we're traveling. It's so easy when you have limited cookware, and I also make a stock out of the bones after I remove the meat.

But, the more I learn about food, the more paranoid I am that they do something funny to it, like inject some strange chemicals. (I hope not, cause it's a staple in our house.)

Any thoughts? Thanks!

jamie79's Avatar jamie79 09:00 PM 07-27-2008
Well, I am sure they are factory franken-chickens. I am not judging you, as I have bought them in the past. However, since I learned so much about animal treatment, I only buy from farmers that I KNOW how they treat their animals.
AJP's Avatar AJP 10:09 PM 07-27-2008
I'm sure it depends on where you bought it. If it's a conventionally-raised chicken, seasoned with "spices" containing MSG and other chemicals (which can all fall under the umbrella of "spices" on the ingredient label), then I personally would not consider it healthy.
Jojo F.'s Avatar Jojo F. 01:54 AM 07-28-2008
For me they usually have wheat or dairy in the ingredient list so I don't eat them for that reason alone.

As for the bones, I only use organic chickens that come from a local farm.
tabitha's Avatar tabitha 11:48 AM 07-28-2008
depends on where u buy them. when we lived in california there was a rotisserie chicken stand at the farmer's market that had pastured chickens and all natural spices. yum! and if i recall, our whole foods sold organic rotisserie chickens. now we live in the boonies and have to make everything ourselves. :
artemis33's Avatar artemis33 03:03 PM 07-28-2008
I get them now and then from our local HFS or the Whole Foods. I think the chickens they use are a bit better than regular grocery store ones (not pastured, but local and no hormones, etc).

One thing that bugs me though is they put hot chickens into plastic containers and let them sit around like that. Yuck!

So, I don't buy them often but when we are extremely busy or it is super hot out, I'll still get one on occasion.
WildIris's Avatar WildIris 12:08 AM 07-29-2008
IMO most rotisserie chicken is not healthy. Not just that they are typically conventional factory-farmed chickens, but also they are usually injected with some kind of "broth" or solution with often contains sugars or chemicals or unidentified flavorings. Because of my corn allergy I could no longer take a chance on them if I wanted to, but even without that factor, I wouldn't eat them. They taste a little "too good" if you KWIM.
tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 12:12 AM 07-29-2008
The ones around here are not what I would consider healthy at all. Aside from likely being factory farm chickens, they all have an ingredient list a mile long of things that don't belong in chickens. Some of those things are allergens of ours so it gives me an easy out when I refuse them from others who mean well.
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 12:41 AM 07-29-2008
I agree with all of the above concerns. In a pinch they can be okay for some families, but one of my dd's has developed a severe reaction to MSG so they are now on my never-ever list.
HeatherKae's Avatar HeatherKae 08:39 AM 07-29-2008
I'm not a purist, so take my opinion for what it's worth.

Compared to what? McD's? Pizza Hut? Mac n Cheese out of a box? I think rotisserie chickens are a healthier alternative. And yes, we eat all of the above now and again depending on what is happening in our lives. Heck, when my son broke his arm adn was in surgery, we ate cafeteria pizza and ice cream bars for a full day.

So, I wouldn't rely on it as a staple, but I think they are good in a pinch. I've thought about getting a rotisserie to make our own, but if I put one more gadget on my counters, I wont have room to chop veggies!
Junegoddess's Avatar Junegoddess 12:15 PM 07-29-2008
Originally Posted by HeatherKae View Post
I've thought about getting a rotisserie to make our own, but if I put one more gadget on my counters, I wont have room to chop veggies!

I know the feeling!! I'm always in the market for a new toaster oven, and recently saw one that also has a rotisserie. But... good gods... it was gigantic and... as much as I WANT my own rotisserie, if I bought that... well, I'd be expected to USE it. More than once. I have some really cool gadgets, but the expectations (and storage problems) are big.
And I need room to chop veggies.

BTW, I *love* your blog!
bigknitwit's Avatar bigknitwit 03:41 PM 07-29-2008
dh's parents gave us a rotisserie 8 years ago (set it and forget it!! lol). It's big, it's a pain to clean, and I think we've used it 3 times. I find I can get a very, very good chicken by cooking it 40 minutes on each side, and then 40 minutes breast up at 375 for a 4ish pound bird. Actually, the other day dh (fast food connoisseur) said he prefers my chickens to the rotisserie ones.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 08:57 PM 07-29-2008
Originally Posted by HeatherKae View Post
Compared to what? McD's? Pizza Hut? Mac n Cheese out of a box? I think rotisserie chickens are a healthier alternative. !
I agree with it truly healthy, life-nourishing food? Prolly not. Is it better than....McD's? twinkies? . ya.
erin_d_a's Avatar erin_d_a 11:45 PM 07-29-2008
I agree with most of the above posters. These chickens aren't healthy chickens while they are alive, they aren't great for our bodies dead.

however I think that they can be okay, rarely.

Surprisingly enough all Wal-Marts chickens are MSG free AND only chickens that are never treated with antibiotics.

But of course then you would have to decide if you would want to set food into walmart :Puke
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 12:28 AM 07-30-2008
It sounds like a healthier choice when you're travelling and have no access to cooking equipment, if the alternative is pizza or fast food burgers, but not a healthy choice when compared to buying raw chickens and cooking them yourself.