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I picked up a book at a library sale yesterday called Low-Carb, Good Fat by Fran McCullough & it's pretty good. The foreward is by Dr. Barry Sears & the author lists Gary Taubes, Uffe Ravnskov, Bruce Fife & Mary Enig (among others) as further reading, as well as WAPF's website & the article 'The Oiling of America.' The only beef I have is that in one or two recipes, she lists 'sugar or Splena' as sweeteners. *scratches head*

My question is, on page 63, the author says in response to coconut consumption (which she's all for):

There's only one caveat; if you feel you're not thriving on coconut, it might be because your blood type is O. Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author of Eat Right for Your Type, says coconut is not good for those with type O, the oldest blood type, which is most like that of our Paleo ancestors.
Has anyone else with type O blood had trouble with coconut? Has anyone with type O blood been fine with coconut?

Can anyone explain why exactly type Os have trouble with coconut?

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I have O and the only problem I've ever had with coconut is large amounts of coconut meat will get me running to the bathroom (but then so do green salads). But I have no problems with CO.

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I do ok with it, though years ago I was into blood typing and avoided it. But I don't know how well I believe it now. If blood typing theories are based in evolutionary thought than isn't it possible type O's could eventually tolerate certain foods? and what about traditional cultures who were O and ate coconut?Does anyone here have a blood typing timeline or anything?

I tend to not take J D A'damo's words very seriously. After a quick glance at the Eat Right For Baby book I had on my self, this past pregnancy, I saw I was supposed to be drinking soymilk! as if. That is what got me all messed up my other pregnancies!

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Not a direct answer to your question , but I don't really buy the blood type diet. I haven't read the book, but I understand that type A (what I am) should eat a vegetarian diet. I most decidedly don't do well on a vegetarian diet. I need a lot of good quality meat in order to thrive. And this about coconut makes me wonder more. Coconuts grow wild, so wouldn't people who lived near them eat them? It's hard to imagine people letting such a healthy and tasty food go to waste.

I'll be curious to hear the experiences of type Os.

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I like the idea of metabolic type diets better than blood type diets - that just makes more sense to me.

This is a good summary, and it does mention certain blood types avoiding certain foods, but coconut isn't listed as one of them.

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I'm a type O and I haven't had any problems with coconut. I have coconut oil in my yogurt every morning, and when I eat fresh coconut I haven't noticed any problems. If I eat a lot of fresh coconut several days in a row that I end up in the bathroom more often than usual, but I don't think that's unusual.
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I have gone back and forth on the Blood Type Diet thing. I'm currently leaning toward thinking there's something to it. Why? Because over the last year I have discovered allergies/intolerances to a lot of foods, all of which are no-nos for Type Os. I'm a Type O.

I loved coconut with all my heart, but I absolutely react to it. Maybe always did, but couldn't tell because I was reacting to other things. I don't *want* to believe the Blood Type thing, because it also says avocados are a no-no, and I love them. But, ack, that sounds familiar. Every time I stomp my foot and say "I just can't live without ____" I find out that yes, I can, and I'd better.

If I talk dh into TTC again, I just may stick to the Type O plan... in case. One of the things that the 'wrong' lectins are said to do in the blood is cause clots. A very teeny clot killed my last baby. And I wonder if perhaps lectin-induced clots are the cause for a lot of stillbirths and miscarriages, and when the mama is tested for a clotting disorder, nothing shows up.

Maybe the reason why the Blood Type Diet doesn't seem to apply to some is that there's some level of leaky gut required in order for the lectins to become a problem. I don't know.

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Interesting. I'm O+. I really liked coconut oil for a year or so, but then I started gaining weight and breaking out. When I cut the co my skin cleared and I dropped back down to my comfort weight.

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The bloodtype diet sure would explain why some people do well on meat based diets and others vegetarian, but I don't know, I think there must be more to it. I do have to credit it though with getting me off my grain/legume/soy based diet many years ago and eating meat. As an O eating a veg diet, I couldn't figure out why I was not very healthy eating that way until I read the book. It really hit me when I read that hypothyroidism is a typical condition that affects O's who are not eating right....that's what happened to me as a veg.

As far as coconut oil, I love it, and don't notice problems with it, so I do think there is more to determining what's right for your body than bloodtype.
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I am type O and have never had an issue with anything coconut related.
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