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I just recently went vegan. Which has been a big life style change but a very positive one. I have been having health issues lately (main reason I chose vegan diet). I had a blood test done recently to help determine what foods are causing inflammation and the digestive problems I have been having. It tested 30 foods. The range is 0-5.

0.....Undetectable or very low antibodies
1.....Low antibody level
2.....Moderate antibody level
3.....High antibody level
4.....Very high antibody level
5.....Extremely high antibody level

My scores

Under Extremely High
safflower seed

Very High
beta lactoglobulin
egg yolk
cow's milk

cheese, cheddar
cheese, mold
egg white
whole egg

yeast, brewers

bean, pinto
milk, goat
seed, sunflower

0 Undectable
sugar cane (unprocess)
yeast, bakers

There is another test I can take that tests 115 foods. Which after seeing these results has left me wanting more info. But I have to say I feel very overwhelmed. I already have to put so much time and thoughts into food choices and preparation, I feel like I just got slammed.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Encouragement? I feel like crying. So, I am going to stop for awhile. I will write more later. Tina~
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First question is who is doing this test? Is it an allergy test done with your blood? AFAIK, they are highly unreliable. If not, what test is it and is it scientific? I ask because there are soooo many people out there offering tests and "treatments' based on diet that are not scientific at all. Like metabolic typing, for instance.

You want to make sure that there's a good reason for cutting foods out.

For example, why would they test cow's milk and whey separately? It's not like you are going to be eating bowls of whey. Also, why did they test for brewer's yeast? Do you drink a lot of beer?

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It is a blood test. And they are testing for allergens. The blood test is costly. 30 foods for $195 or 115 foods for $415. I didn't get to pick which foods I was tested for. Apparently, they narrow down the list to the 30 most frequent foods that cause allergens. I went to their website. I found my test (IgG) under allergens. www.esoterix.com. Tina~
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Hugs mama. There's still lots you CAN eat, but it does mean youwill have to constantly be alert and prep almost all your own food. Drat. You *could*see if there is a NAET practitioner around your parts, they can often reduce reactions to such a small level that it doesn't interfere with your daily routine.

hopefully something simple, cheap and painless comes your way soon to help you work through these issues!!

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I see lots of good news on your list! I have an inflammatory condition that I've changed my diet to accommodate and I've had great success.

It looks like you can eat lots of fruits and veggies. That's great news. You might consider incorporating green smoothies into your daily routine. They're very alkalinizing. Our usual green smoothie is spinach, orange, and frozen banana. If you do a search on 'green smoothie', you'll find lots of great info.

I don't know anything about this kind of company but the list that you got is pretty consistent with the usual laundry list of things that exacerbate inflammation in the body.

See if they have Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox Diet at your library. Natalia Rose advocates raw foods but she isn't a purist at all and her book is full of tons of great ideas.

It's too bad about the almonds. We eat a lot of almonds here. I'm surprised about the safflower- that is usually anti-inflammatory but every body is different.

I see that you can eat sunflower seeds. Have you ever tried sun butter (made from sunflower seeds)? Great source of protein and so yummy.

Honestly, other than egg and almond, I never eat anything that is listed in any of your top three bad groups and I really feel like I am able to eat a wide range of really delicious food. You will find that you will stop craving those foods once you've had some time to adjust.

I wouldn't spend any more money finding out which foods are high inflammatory reactors for you because so far your list looks like the typical bunch of foods that cause problems in almost all people. You could reference a book like The Anti-Inflammation Diet and probably solve all your problems without spending any more on tests.

I hope that helps!
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That looks to me like a gluten allergy I think. There are some great gluten free options now, like rice pasta and rice bread, corn bread, etc. that can still be vegan as well. I can't help but wonder if you cut out the non-vegan items and the high-allergen foods if you can trial some of the others and see if they have less reaction than the blood test would indicate... like almonds.

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