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gofish17's Avatar gofish17 11:34 PM 01-23-2009
Raw Food Chef & Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Retreat!

Turquoise Barn will be hosting a Raw Food Chef & Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Retreat. I don’t have all the details yet because I am trying to get an idea of how many people would be interested in signing up. The information I do have as of now is:

•The classes will be taught by a Level 3 Living on Live Food Instructor certified by Alissa Cohen
•The class will be over a weekend sometime between April - July
•Turquoise Barn is a former dairy farm located in the Western Catskills of New York State approximately 3 hours from New York City
•Accommodations will be available at Turquoise Barn and various locations within a 5 mile radius
We may also be offering massage and yoga classes as well. Whether your new to raw foods and would like to jump in or if you’ve been raw for a while and want to expand your knowledge, or if your interested in getting your certificates

For a detailed description of the classes please go to:
For more information about the site (including pictures and location) of Turquoise Barn go to www.turquoisebarn.com

Contact [email protected] for more information.
Thanks all!

kalisis's Avatar kalisis 10:18 PM 01-24-2009
THe first link isn't working...

I would be interested, but I'm only in NY the third weekend of every month. The dates will definitely determine if I can attend or not.
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 12:48 PM 01-25-2009
Thanks Kalisis- I'll make a note of it. Right now I'm really flexible on the time/date and would like to be able to include as many people as possible. I think it will be a really inspiring weekend. I'll keep you up to date on everything. Let me know if you have any other questions, etc.
Oh and i'll fix the link.
Thanks Miche
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 12:51 PM 01-25-2009
Here's the new link - this should work. Thanks!
SugarAndSun's Avatar SugarAndSun 08:38 PM 01-25-2009
Originally Posted by kalisis View Post
THe first link isn't working...

I would be interested, but I'm only in NY the third weekend of every month. The dates will definitely determine if I can attend or not.
I was going to suggest we go together, but I can't afford it! It does look like fun though. I've done a ton of reading and use some of the things mentioned too. I would love to learn make more raw meals and more about using my dehydrator though. Maybe you can come back and share!
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 05:26 PM 01-26-2009
You can sign up for just the 1st course, I beleive it's $125, if that would help. It can be an inexpensive mini-vacation for you.
kalisis's Avatar kalisis 02:56 PM 01-27-2009
Ok, I can't afford the whole thing (wish I could), but I could do the $125. And I'd love to go together Jill - that would be great!

Miche - can you link to the 1st course information? I can't seem to find it this morning.
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 04:03 PM 01-27-2009
So this should work.........Here's the link with the class descriptions: http://www.alissacohen.com/classevents
Link to Turquoise Barn is www.turquoisebarn.com

As soon as i have more info on exact dates & accommodations i'll let you know. Hopefully by next week.
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 04:07 PM 01-27-2009
I forgot to ask for those interested - time frame - sooner rather than later?

I'm debating upon April/May or July - i'm excited about this and would love to get on with it kind of a jump start into the spring. But.......... later the flowers will be in bloom, there will be food in the gardens and the weather will be so much warmer.

What do you think?
madskye's Avatar madskye 09:48 PM 01-27-2009
Is Turquoise Barn your place? If so I just emailed you about a weekend stay a few weeks ago! We couldn't work it out the dates but now I'll keep trying. Neat!
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 03:08 PM 01-28-2009
Hi Madskye - yes Turquoise Barn is my place. We are working on developing our farm to host healthy retreats and green weddings in addition to the vacation rentals. Hopefully you can get some dates together. I'm planning on doing other retreats that are raw and health related later in the season as well. Once I have dates i'll post them on the website and here as well. Thanks!
kalisis's Avatar kalisis 02:29 PM 01-30-2009
I would prefer earlier, but am constrained by the third Saturday thing. That's either the 18th of May or the 16th of April, so if you could work it around either of those dates, that would be great and I would love to come.

And I'm really sorry, but I cannot see anywhere where it says $125. All I see are classes that are $1000 or more. Is this it: http://www.rawteacher.com/prepcert.html?
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 03:39 PM 01-30-2009
I just lost the entire post i just wrote. Ok here it goes again.

Kalisis - I checked the link - if you scroll all the way down you'll see the Level I raw food chef certification class $125 - the Level II is the instructor certfication and that is $650. You can take one class or both.

As far as the date - i'm planning for the weekend of March 20th the spring equinox, and it also happens to be a 3rd weekend. Hope this will work for you.
I'll repost this thread with more details (hopefully by next week) including: information about the instructor, accomodations, schedule, cost breakdown, what's included, what's extra, etc.
kalisis's Avatar kalisis 05:16 PM 01-30-2009
ooh, awesome! Yes, that third weekend works great. I'll let Jill (SugarandSun) know and I bet we both will come.
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 03:07 PM 02-06-2009
Hi All
We have a date! March 20th, 21st, & 22nd Spring Equinox! I'll be posting a new thread with all of the information including registration, accommodations, pricing, schedule etc. beginning of next week. Hope you can come join us.
SugarAndSun's Avatar SugarAndSun 11:57 PM 02-07-2009
I may be interested, but am wondering how long the $125 class is and what would be covered.
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 06:51 AM 02-17-2009
Ok finally, here is the info..............
Spring Equinox Weekend Retreat at Turquoise Barn
Level I Raw Food Chef Certification
Level II Living on Live Food Instructor Certification

Escape, Relax, Retreat, and LEARN! Join us for a weekend retreat at Turquoise Barn. Bring in the spring and
celebrate the equinox with a Level I Raw Food Chef and Level II Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Workshop. A great way to meet new friends, escape the city, and spend some time in nature.

When? March 20th, 21st, & 22nd

Where? In the Western Catskill Mountains @ Turquoise Barn. Rolling hills, open meadows, amazing spring water, and fresh air make this former dairy farm an idyllic location for a raw food retreat. Approx. 3 hrs. from NYC, 1.5 hrs. from Albany, Kingston, Binghamton.

What Else? Join us for one class or two, one day, one night or the entire weekend. For detailed information about the classes, the farm, and accommodations please go to our website www.turquoisebarn.com/events.html
Check the website at
If you have any questions let me know.
Hope to meet some of you!
gofish17's Avatar gofish17 05:45 PM 03-05-2009
Just wanted to bump this up to see who is still interested. The instructor would like to know by Sunday March 8th how many people will be attending. So....if you are interested please let us know. you can pm me if you would like.
I'll bump up the other link with more detailed info.

It should be a fun weekend! Any questions let me know.
Thanks all