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lotusblossom9's Avatar lotusblossom9 04:54 PM 03-03-2009
I've gotten to the point where the sight and smell of meat makes me terribly nauseous. I have to concentrate on not throwing up. Even the article in the recent Mothering on beef made me feel like I was going to "toss my cookies". Anyone else like this too? It's getting difficult for me to be around friends and family members when they are eating animal products.

paisleypoet's Avatar paisleypoet 09:08 PM 03-03-2009
I sometimes feel the same way. My family eats meat, but there are only a few things I will make. Catching a whiff of fried hamburger makes me nauseous. So does the sight of people eating chicken off a bone. :Puke I can handle throwing a frozen chicken breast in the oven, but I'm not going to cut up anything.
Keeta's Avatar Keeta 09:23 PM 03-03-2009
No, the only time it really bothers me is smelling hamburger in the skillet - it smells wrong. Other than that, I have to say that it honestly doesn't bother me. I try not to think about the horrible conditions/animals' lives when it's someone else eating it - I mean, there's nothing I can do about it, I can't make another person's choices, so I don't let the emotional aspect enter into my frame of mind. When there is a personal choice involved (like if I see someone eating cheese and feel a pang of envy) I remind myself of the baby cow who missed her mother's milk, harsh living conditions, etc. Not to mention the effects of casein in the diet. But I try to only allow myself to think about those things when it's my choice.
veganfox's Avatar veganfox 12:43 AM 03-07-2009
Yeah it makes me sick too especially the smell of chicken for some reason. I try to avoid barbecues and other parties where the main..."attraction" will be an animal corpse. The thing is I live in a vegan household so I am kinda 'spoiled' not having to deal with corpses everyday and it can make it difficult when I visit my family and they are eating meat. But I try to be polite and keep my eyes off their plate. Most of the times they are very respectful.
Dia's Avatar Dia 01:49 AM 03-07-2009
I just made some chicken stir fry for my (omni) husband and I feel ill.

So, yes. Man he owes me!
To-Fu's Avatar To-Fu 01:32 PM 03-07-2009
Yes. The stinky cheese section of the grocery store is the worst! I find all kinds of creative ways of getting places in there so I can avoid coming near it.

I am so thankful to live in a vegan household so that I never have to handle or prepare dead animals or their byproducts. (I think even if I didn't live in a vegan house, I'd probably refuse to prepare that stuff.)
Dakota's Mom's Avatar Dakota's Mom 06:06 PM 03-07-2009
We were out with friends a few days ago. The woman next to me was eating pizza. I was getting very nausous. I finally asked her what was on it. She said it was bacon and chicken. Don't know why it bothered me so much. I cook chicken for my son frequently. I think it was the bacon. She finally moved her pizza to another table.

It was really really bad.
Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 03:46 AM 03-08-2009
Oh yeah... BBQ season is the worst for me, as is smelling red meat cook on skillet.//

I live in a vegan home, and even before I met DH and dated Omnis I refused to prepare or buy animal products.
caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 11:40 AM 03-08-2009
It never bothered me until dh,ds and I went to the mall and the table next to us was a man w his three kids all eating KFC....oh my god I thought I was going to be sick. It had been so long since I had seen someone eat meat and here they we're eating it right off the bone! KFC no less.

Last night I went to a kids bday party and the main food was burgers....thank goodness they we're bbqing on the edge of the garage w the garage door opened(it was raining) so I stayed away...the not so cool thing is my stroller/purse ect was in there and I swear I smell dead cow on them now
BeanyMama's Avatar BeanyMama 09:05 PM 03-08-2009
Cooking beef makes my stomach turn. Especially ground beef. I hated the way it smells even before I was a vegetarian.

Also when people eat chicken off bones and the chicken corpses sitting in the warmers by the checkout at the grocery store really get to me. I actually vomited in a grocery store parking lot when I was pregnant after walking by those.

But the smell of cooking chicken usually doesn't bother me and I'm so used to people eating meat that it usually don't think about it.

I want veg friends!
amyleigh33's Avatar amyleigh33 11:14 AM 03-09-2009
Sometimes when I'm really hungry, I actually crave meat if I smell it ... like if I'm out walking on a trail and I can smell someone's barbecue. Then the thought that I wanted meat grosses me out. Heheh. If I'm not hungry, though, it disgusts me thoroughly. I am really, REALLY spoiled in that not only do I live in vegan household, but my sister and her family are veg*n, my mom is veg*n, my brother and his wife are vegetarian, my daughter's father is vegan... My best friend/cousin never orders meat for her or her kids when we're out together... Yup, pretty lucky.
Ianthe's Avatar Ianthe 01:25 PM 03-09-2009
Originally Posted by amyleigh33 View Post
I am really, REALLY spoiled in that not only do I live in vegan household, but my sister and her family are veg*n, my mom is veg*n, my brother and his wife are vegetarian, my daughter's father is vegan... My best friend/cousin never orders meat for her or her kids when we're out together... Yup, pretty lucky.
Most of our family and friends are veg too.. we always have vegan holidays together with both my family and DH's.
buttercupmama's Avatar buttercupmama 07:41 PM 03-09-2009
In my earlier vegan years, it did make me very nauseous. It would have been unfair of me to ask them not to cook it when I was around, so I would just stay in my closed bedroom until the smell had passed.

As the years went by, it got better. Then I got pregnant. Wow, I got so nauseous from the scent of it, I paced constantly, rubbing my head, trying to concentrate very hard on not puking. My DH eats meat everyday, so it was quite an issue. I still hate the scent of it though it doesn't nauseate me anymore. All I seem to smell is burned grease. I just make sure the place is open and airy until the scent is gone.
MittensKittens's Avatar MittensKittens 06:39 AM 03-10-2009
Check . I feel sick if I see or smell meat, especially the combination does it!

My poor vege mom has been cooking for a relative who can't look after herself any more and of course the woman wants MEAT! I can tell you that I couldn't do that!
oceane's Avatar oceane 05:09 PM 03-10-2009
no, not the smell. but looking at raw meat is pretty gross. not gross enough to make me feel sick though.
Hesperia's Avatar Hesperia 01:07 PM 03-11-2009

Grocery stores are horrible. We are a coastal town, with a huge fish section. That can knock me to the ground. And, it is on the way to the natural section so I smell/see it every time.

The cheese smell is either hit or miss with me. Sometimes I miss it a little, and sometimes I'm like, what the hell is that rotten smell? I used to pick up pieces of cheese when I was making lunch for the children I nannied just to smell it, and remind myself this is NOT something I want in my body.

The Mother article was so HARD to see. Horrible. Nasty. Beautiful grass feeding cows on page in a lovely field - then on the plate. ugh.

We are a vegan home, so I never have to smell it or touch it here. Although I do volunteer and serve milk and icecream and sometimes soups with meat in them. That makes me feel horrible and nasty and want to find somewhere else to volunteer. But, I am reminded, each time I am there, I end up talking about my life with other volunteers and how positive veganism is to me. I can't just ignore all things animal related, sometimes you just have to do what you do, and share your knowledge.

Ok, vent end
KyleAnn's Avatar KyleAnn 02:45 PM 03-11-2009
Yes and no. Dh eats some meat and sometimes I cook him certain things. When I do it is usually with ground beef/ground pork (the guy loves spaghetti and meatballs...), not a hunk of any type of meat, such as a bloody steak, roast, etc. I just cannot stomach that. A rare boneless chicken breast but never anything on the bone either, that gives me the heebie jeebies. Not too long ago I have to witness dh eating chicken wings and almost tossed my cookies.
Dakota's Mom's Avatar Dakota's Mom 05:58 PM 03-11-2009
I totally agree about the aisle in the grocery store with all the fresh (and sometimes live) fish. It stinks. I thought so before I became veggie. Sometimes I can't use the deli because of the smells from across the aisle where all the fish are at.

Barbee's Avatar Barbee 12:58 AM 03-12-2009
i haven't been veggie for that long, so maybe it really hasn't hit me yet. it's only been since christmas. anyway, recently at a friend's house they were going to grill a steak and i thought it would tempt me. the smell of it was not tempting at all, but it also didn't gross me out. i still cook chicken for my ds, and that doesn't bother me either, but, again, i don't find myself wanting it.
sky_and_lavender's Avatar sky_and_lavender 01:51 AM 03-17-2009
Having grown up the only vegetarian in an omni family (who constantly mocked me from age 8 on!), I have a lot of defenses against being grossed out by watching people eat meat. It does feel surreal at times when I'm sitting at a table with people who are eating meat--it can seem as strange to me as cannibalism! When I see flesh being cooked, it just seems very bizarre to me. It's hard for me to deeply understand why someone would want to eat that stuff!

I hate walking past the meat and cheese sections of markets, too. The sight and smell of these are seriously grotesque. I hate to be so sensitive, but sometimes I actually feel annoyed that I have no choice but to be exposed to reminders of murder and cruelty when I'm choosing my food. (And despite my rather militant ways of thinking about meat, I'm a very tolerant veg*n! Although I would love for everyone around me to be vegan, I don't feel drawn to trying to convert people.)
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 12:43 PM 03-17-2009
Yea - it grosses me out. Usually I can just put it out of my mind, but it's hard with kids around. Where a lot of people see a steak - I see a piece of rotting flesh, so I look away quickly. If I'm in Costco by myself, I can hurry past the meat demos. With the kids, of course, they always want what is being offered and will ask - can we have that? That's dead cow. Oh, okay. Then, it's harder to ignore.
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 02:46 PM 03-17-2009
I really have to bit my tongue around my kids, I'll tell ya - asking them if they want a dead cow or whatever ... it's so gross to me! The worst??? CLEANING THE PAN! I actually interrupted my dh in a meeting (after telling him he could call me back, but he didn't want to) to tell him that I'd REALLY appreciate it if he could wash the schmaltz-filled broiling pan and not leave that for the f*ing veg*an. The smell of it isn't the WORST, but it can be BAD. I have all but banned tuna from the house, it is SO smelly, there is no escaping it. The other stuff isn't SO bad...the smell of grease is worse than the smell of the meat itself. Grease seems to hang in the air (walls, carpet, rugs, sofas, etc) for days.
Murihiku's Avatar Murihiku 03:01 PM 03-17-2009

Cooked or cooking--even after half a lifetime of vegetarianism I still salivate!