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mum21andtwins's Avatar mum21andtwins 10:55 AM 05-29-2010
every once in a while I treat myself to cauldrons falafel and they have changed their recipe soo much better too the point the kids love them (they didn't like them before) now the problem with this is it is really expensive to buy enough for 5 of us so I'd love to make something similar a nd veganise it (honey to agave no probs I think) these are the ingredients

chickpeas (46%)
bulghir wheat
Morocan paste (12%)[apricots (apricots, riceflour) dates,red wine,vinegar, sunflower oil,spices (paprika, cinnamon, cumin,ginger, black pepper),honey,garlic puree,cornflour, salt, chili puree, coriander, sugar]
rice starch
wheat flour
garlic puree

i unlike other falafel these are very smooth and moist no need for any dips whatsoever. I would like to replace the honey with agave and dont' want to use the wine at all do you think that will affect the flavour a lot? and with the paste how much per herb/spice would you use?


mum21andtwins's Avatar mum21andtwins 11:00 AM 05-29-2010
looks like waitrose does something similar

Organic chickpeas (39%), organic onion, organic bulghur wheat (14%), Moroccan paste (12%), organic apricots (4%), organic rice starch, organic wheat flour, organic coriander, organic sunflower oil, organic coriander powder, organic cumin, sea salt, organic garlic puree, organic chilli.
Moroccan paste contains water, organic honey, organic apricots (11%), organic dates, organic red wine vinegar, organic sunflower oil, organic coriander leaf, organic apricot juice (2%), organic chilli puree, organic cornflour, organic garlic puree, organic sugar, salt, organic black pepper, organic cinnamon, organic cumin, organic ginger, organic paprika, organic rice flour.
Organic chilli contains organic chilli, organic paprika.
es1967's Avatar es1967 04:46 PM 05-29-2010
Where do you buy them?
mum21andtwins's Avatar mum21andtwins 08:50 AM 05-30-2010
sainsbury's has them but I guess tesco and somerfields would too. I only have sainsburies near me
GranolaMum's Avatar GranolaMum 08:07 PM 06-16-2010
We tried them and love them! I buy them and keep them in the freezer. We have them weekly for lunch. Good for those days when I have no idea what to make.
Review's Avatar Review 11:51 AM 11-14-2013

OMG indeed! After encouraging my daughter to try new foods, she's just spat out her Cauldron Falafel and insisted it cut her mouth... I told her not to be silly but after a closer look, it turned out to be a sharp piece of plastic!!

skreader's Avatar skreader 01:12 AM 01-13-2014

Not too hard to make. Go to your local library and get a recipe book, or go  look through these recipes:


During Lent, I'll make a bunch on the weekends in batches.