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KaylaBeanie's Avatar KaylaBeanie 02:21 AM 09-22-2010
Because I love the way meat tastes. I mourn my loss of it, and sometimes I crave it like crazy. I grew up eating meat once or more a day, and making a drastic change is hard. Sometimes, I want nuggets. Not to mention, there's the factor of fitting in. It's REALLY nice to be able to put some fake crumbles in lasagna and be able to eat with my family. It's really awesome to be able to go to Red Robin and be able to eat the "same" thing as everyone else. In the year since I've become veg, I've gotten pretty good about limiting fake meat, but I do eat it. It's definitely not because they taste the same...I don't think I've had a chicken nugget since the age of four (yuck!), but I love chick'n nuggets!

Originally Posted by maciascl View Post
I am not vegetarian because I don't like meat. I am vegetarian because it is healthier for me, the animals, and the planet. I still get cravings for meat so doesn't it make more sense for me to eat something that is meat-like (but I know never had a face) than to actually eat meat? I don't see why this is a big deal.

CatsCradle's Avatar CatsCradle 12:02 PM 09-22-2010
I haven't eaten any animal "meat" for over 20 years. I like to have the occassional Not Dog or veggie burger because it ads variety to my diet. To me, it is food, not a substitute for something else. Plus, "burger" is the name of a product made from something...whether meat or I'm not pretending to eat meat. I'm eating a burger. The burger happens to be made of vegetables.

When I go out to a vegan restaurant and order a seitan dish, I'm eating seitan...which I happen to like and which leaves me full and satisfied. I don't pretend I'm eating meat. Perhaps for new vegetarians, the marketed alternative meat products help to make the transition. I don't eat a lot of the processed stuff because it is so high in salt, etc.

In the alternative, sometimes I will have a diet Coke because it has the taste without the added sugar calories. People all over the world drink diet soft drinks but it honestly doesn't concern me that they aren't drinking the real thing or that they are pretending to drink the real thing. Food is food, in my book. I just don't think that animals are food. I have no problem eating things make from tofu or gluten, even if they are marketed as an alternative to meat. In my mind, they are not animals, so it is hard to reconcile with the concept that I'm pretending to eat an animal.
Chicharronita's Avatar Chicharronita 06:34 PM 09-22-2010
Originally Posted by catnip View Post
Even taking that into account, it doesn't factor in the hundreds of times more water that is needed to produce animal foods.
Former vegan diet supporter and UK Guardian writer George Monbiot recently published "I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat – but farm it properly" based on the book, "Meat – A Benign Extravagance" by former co-editor of The Ecologist magazine Simon Fairlie (the link is for a short excerpt of the book).

Monbiot says that Fairlie:

"[...] goes on to butcher a herd of sacred cows. Like many greens I have thoughtlessly repeated the claim that it requires 100,000 litres of water to produce every kilogram of beef. Fairlie shows that this figure is wrong by around three orders of magnitude. It arose from the absurd assumption that every drop of water that falls on a pasture disappears into the animals that graze it, never to re-emerge. A ridiculous amount of fossil water is used to feed cattle on irrigated crops in California, but this is a stark exception."

I wonder if the book will be sold in the U.S.?
catnip's Avatar catnip 03:24 PM 09-23-2010
Well, I'll point out that I LIVE in California, where of about 37 million people, about 92% of them want to eat meat every day, and 98% or more want to eat dairy. And you can't DO that with pastured livestock.
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