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abbylotus's Avatar abbylotus 07:46 PM 10-28-2010
What is the difference? Can they be used in the same way? Thanks!!

germin8's Avatar germin8 08:52 PM 10-28-2010
Without googling, I think the difference is that Brewers Yeast is 'live'. It should be used in raw recipes whereas Nutritional yeast is not, so it should be used for cooked recipes. (ETA: per the lady working at the health store). I use them interchangeably, however I do not have much experience using Brewers Yeast...

BTW, there are Brewers Yeast flakes and buds. The buds are for liquids... so, the container says. I recently bought both.
TrishWSU's Avatar TrishWSU 11:22 AM 10-29-2010
I've been wondering the same thing, cause everyone talks about/uses nutritional yeast. I know brewer's yeast makes me gassy so I'm a little hesitent to try nutritional yeast.
Naturopath Mom's Avatar Naturopath Mom 02:25 PM 10-29-2010
Nutritional yeast is grown for it's nutritional benefits and brewers yeast is a byproduct of the beer industry. Both have similiar vitamin content. NY tastes better, has almost a cheesy taste and is usually preferred by vegans because of that . BY can be bitter and I don't have much experience with using it, I like NY. However NY does not have Chromium and BY does.

katroshka's Avatar katroshka 10:39 PM 10-29-2010
I second Naturopath Mom, brewer's yeast is very bitter, not tasty at all. I think people use it in smoothies or something, where the taste is covered up.

Nutritional yeast is yummy, we use it almost every day. Someone asked my daughters recently what their favorite seasoning was and they both said "Nutritional yeast!" which the person asking thought was really funny.
germin8's Avatar germin8 05:46 AM 10-30-2010
I agree about the bitter taste... but, I don't think it's THAT bitter. I use brewer's yeast on my popcorn... no taste covered up there. Tastes fine. Although nutritional yeast tastes good, too, on popcorn.
clothdipemomof2boy's Avatar clothdipemomof2boy 11:06 PM 10-30-2010
Nutritional yeast is amazing at making cheese for lasagna or even eggplant parmesan mmmmmm!! Just wanted to tell everyone.

I will say that I had never heard of it till I went vegan really. I used brewers when I tried to boost my milk supply I really didnt know you could eat it with something else. Good idea about the popcorn that sounds good.
cocoanib's Avatar cocoanib 05:56 PM 11-12-2010

I use NY like it's going out of style. I use it as a seasoning in and on many things.

BY I would use more as a supplement for smoothies and things.


NY is awesome on popcorn with cocnut oil, garlic powder and sometimes smoked paprika.

TrishWSU's Avatar TrishWSU 10:31 PM 11-12-2010
I would mix brewer's yeast in smoothies while I was nursing to boost my supply, but I could always taste it. I don't think it tastes bitter, but it definitely has a very distinct taste. Putting it on popcorn sounds good, though!
crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 07:20 AM 11-15-2010

We use nutritional yeast, I've never tried brewer's yeast, but I always thought it wasn't high in B12 like the NY (Vegetarian Support Formula, not all NY has B12)...

dewey2's Avatar dewey2 07:44 AM 03-06-2011

Does anyone know if brewer's yeast would be better at boosting your supply than nutritional yeast?


I can only find nutritional yeast locally and have been using it.  It works ok but if brewer's yeast works better, I would order some online. 

mirpnmama's Avatar mirpnmama 12:52 PM 03-07-2011

What exactly are the benefits of NY? I know i could google this, but answers from Mamas are ALWAYS better!!! :)

crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 04:11 PM 03-07-2011
Originally Posted by mirpmama View Post

What exactly are the benefits of NY? I know i could google this, but answers from Mamas are ALWAYS better!!! :)

B6, B12, amino acids, trace minerals... We are vegan so don't get much naturally-occurring B12 so that's one big reason we use it!