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EU mama's Avatar EU mama 10:33 AM 01-09-2011

Hi Ladies I am new to this whole healthy living thing.I have decided that I do not want our family eating anymore milk and soy so I am cutting it all out from our diet as soon as the cheese in the house runs out. However I would love to make some non dairy milk  and yogurt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks!







PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 08:51 PM 01-10-2011
In the USA, Soy Delicious makes "So Delicious" coconut-milk based yogurt. I'm not sure what is available in the EU.
hello.kiddo's Avatar hello.kiddo 04:50 AM 01-11-2011

The So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt is amazing! When it comes to making, though, I have little to no advise. I attempted to make coconut milk yogurt once and it was so runny. I would love to see what other suggestions are out there!

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 06:19 AM 01-11-2011

I make coconut milk yogurt. It's not that hard. You need a thickener (I use tapioca starch). That way it can be used as a sub for sour cream on potatoes and in other savory dishes (like cream of mushroom soup) which I don't think the commercial coconut milk yogurts will do since they're sweetened.

hello.kiddo's Avatar hello.kiddo 11:15 AM 01-11-2011

kj, could you please share some tips! I used tapioca starch and it was still rather runny...

liza-s's Avatar liza-s 01:00 PM 01-11-2011

I am also very interested in making non-dairy, non-soy yogurt.  Coconut milk yogurt is just to expensive at the store. The ones I have made were ridiculously runny too.


My kids drink mostly hemp milk - but because it is also very expensive store bought, I am trying to introduce coconut and almond milk to them. My 3 year old has only had breast milk and hemp milk and does not like any other types.

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 08:37 PM 01-11-2011

If you go to my profile, and look at my new blog address, it's on there. I had a blog, that was hacked twice - it used to be in my signature but I can't figure out how to update the profile now to put the new address in. And my blog administrator (my brother) said it was locked up so I'm starting a new one. The yogurt was one of the first ones I put in (just started the new blog yesterday). I make a batch about once every 2 weeks. My yogurt maker, Euro Cuisine, makes 6 5 oz. jars.

BeanyMama's Avatar BeanyMama 05:22 PM 02-01-2011

Originally Posted by PikkuMyy View Post

In the USA, Soy Delicious makes "So Delicious" coconut-milk based yogurt. I'm not sure what is available in the EU.

LOVE this stuff! I can't get enough.