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theoldmommers's Avatar theoldmommers 09:01 AM 02-16-2011

Does anyone have a good recipe?  I love hot chocolate, but it's not such a sustaining breakfast!  I used to love the Slimfast Hot Chocolate (yeah, I know, I'd probably gag on it now!) and I'd like to do a healthy version that would be filling, satisfying and delicious!  I think I tried just putting a serving of hemp protein in a pan with cocoa powder, soymilk, agave and a little salt (adding a bit of vanilla at the end).  Argh, it was awful!  Way too thick and grainy.  Is there a trick to it.  Am I just expecting too much from my hemp protein? 


I could use other proteins, but I'm not into protein isolates and I detest anything with stevia.

Montana Mom's Avatar Montana Mom 08:04 PM 02-16-2011

I use Hemp Milk and Trader Joes Cocoa.

Montana Mom's Avatar Montana Mom 08:05 PM 02-16-2011

The hemp milk I use is sweetened with brown rice syrup and gives the drink a little sweetness.