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homestyle 01:15 AM 03-07-2011

I'm hoping to get some suggestions on good (veg) foods to increase my omega-3 intake during this 3rd tri of my pregnancy. This morning I lightly ground up a couple TBSPs of flax seeds and mixed it into my oatmeal (after cooking the oats). I have read that some people worry about flax causing uterine cntx in pregnancy (although I wonder if this fear is overblown). So I'm looking for ideas besides just flax -- I figure getting DHA/omega-3 from multiple sources certainly can't hurt! Even if someone could point me to some good internet resources (i.e., info with citations) that would be super helpful! I am a fan of the vegetarian resource group, but I haven't found a ton of info there on omega-3's.


Also, should I stop it already with the sunflower seed oil? I often use a bit of sunflower or canola for cooking in a pan, and I was reading over the veg resource group's page that this may mess with the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. 


I should mention that I do not have a source for algae at this time (living in Germany). 


Thanks bunches and bunches!!



askew's Avatar askew 09:38 PM 03-07-2011

I don't know if this is helpful to you, but I order my vitamins from the company below and they ship to Germany.

homestyle 06:11 AM 03-09-2011

Thanks for your response, I'll check out the link.  Maybe I'll post this in the preg forum for more ideas. 


sprouthead's Avatar sprouthead 05:42 PM 04-18-2011

not sure if you've already gotten more ideas, but chia and hemp are both good sources of EFAs. can be sprinkled on cereals, in yogurt, smoothies, etc. a little more tasty than flax!

Vegan Princess's Avatar Vegan Princess 10:36 AM 04-27-2011

I take the deva supps and also second using chia and hempseeds. I don't know the reason why, but I have seen multiple times to avoid flax oil while pregnant. I think something about phytoestrogens. 


Last time I was pregnant I made a lot of shakes using hemp seeds - typically I used water or some sort of milk, raw cacao powder, a banana, a tbsp or 2 of hemp seeds, some dates if I wanted it sweeter and sometimes a few handfuls of spinach (depending on what my stomach felt like). There are also some great chia seed recipes online if you look. Chia pudding tastes like tapioca pudding. I should start making this now that I'm pregnant again. 



HippieLayd's Avatar HippieLayd 07:34 PM 04-27-2011

Snack on Avocados! They are so good just sliced up and with a tortilla chip:)

nald1's Avatar nald1 11:16 AM 05-12-2011

Nuts, nuts and more nuts :)