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brusselsprout's Avatar brusselsprout 04:19 PM 04-08-2004
but it seems like all of the cookbooks I have make it sound like vegan eating/living is so expensive. Does anyone have links to frugal vegan sites? I was day dreaming this morning that I could find a site that was frugal, AND had menus/grocery lists so that I had some help figuring it all out the first few months!

cathe's Avatar cathe 05:19 PM 04-08-2004
What in particular sounds expensive about eating vegan? I think it is much cheaper. Whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies are so much less expensive than meat and dairy products.

I am working on a vegetarian cookbook now and could pm you the shopping list I have put together for it and a sample menu if you like.
brusselsprout's Avatar brusselsprout 05:29 PM 04-08-2004
I think that it isn't that it sounds expensive in theory, in fact it sounds like it should be very frugal, but I am not a very inspired cook on my own. Most of the recipes I have looked up in vegan cookbooks call for pricey items that are hard to get ahold of or that I have not even heard of. I would probably do better with a book that told me how to prepare things simply, and had readily available ingredients...I thought about just going and buying the veggies and grains etc that look appealing to us as a family, but I am very afraid of missing something nutritionally (I have read up on nutrition, but still, it is sometimes scary putting into practice what has been read) Anyway, I would love it if you would not mind pm'ing me with the grocery list/sample menu
cathe's Avatar cathe 06:52 PM 04-08-2004
Two basic, easy cookbooks that I like are Laurel's Kitchen and Celebration of Wellness.

Also, I know Erin Pavlina has a lot of stuff on her vegan ezine - www.vegfamily.com
sebrinaw's Avatar sebrinaw 07:47 PM 04-08-2004
Cathe, would you mind pm'ing the grocery list to me as well. We have been dairy free for almost two years now and just recently gave up meat too
Also, I would love to order your baby food book. I don't have a credit card though, can I pay for one with paypal?
SnuggleMom's Avatar SnuggleMom 12:28 AM 04-09-2004
I just bought my first vegan cookbook, and the recipes in it look fairly simple and inexpensive to make. It just came in the mail yesterday, so I haven't cooked from it yet. Our family is omnivorous, but we've been eating less and less meat and this cookbook just sounded good when I found it online. It is The Accidental Vegan by Devra Gartenstein. The ingredients tend to be vegetables, grains and spices. If you're buying veggies in season and grains in bullk, then nothing should be too expensive.