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I know this sort of thread has been done many times but I am curious what are your favorite VEGAN cookbooks right now? We have been vegetarian for a few years but are looking to move to a more vegan diet. My kids are rather picky and I really don't enjoy cooking so I really need some new ideas. 


I am really looking for easy, quick, cheap, and kid friendly recipes. I know that is alot to ask for but I know that alot of people like Veganomicon, for example, but most of the recipes in it seem to be a bit more complicated and less kid friendly than I need.

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Okay, I won't say the Veganomicon.  :-)  I like all of Isa's cookbooks, but I can understand wanting something very simple when you are busy with kids.  I think Joanne Stepaniak might be a good author for you to look into. I have her Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, and though some of the recipes are a little time-consuming (especially if you count things like soaking time), others are quite simple, and most of the dishes are mild-tasting.  I like the recipes a lot, even though I also like spice.  I read part a book she co-wrote, called Raising Vegetarian Children, and it seemed good.  It is not all or even mostly recipes, but I imagine those that she includes are worth trying.

How It All Vegan, by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer, includes a chapter of recipes for children.  I like the book as a whole, though I haven't tried the kids' recipes.  I would say that most of the recipes are slightly easier than the Veganomicon's.


Another favorite of mine is Everyday Vegan by Jeani-Rose Atchison, but I would say that its difficulty level is about the same as the Veganomicon.  It is healthier, though.


Because I am still pregnant with my first, my experience of cooking for children is limited to my nanny career.  I have worked for a family that was mostly vegetarian, and I did prepare some vegan meals for their children, but of course, I was limited to the ingredients I found in their kitchen.  Those children seemed to like very simple food (too simple to even have a recipe) best.  For example, I tried making them chickpeas in some ways that I enjoy them, but it turned out that they liked them best just poured out of the can and rinsed.  They loved steamed vegetables, but only wanted them with a little butter or oil.  They got angry when their Dad walked in and put cheese on their broccoli without their consent, and one of them outright refused to eat it.  Any kind of sauce would have been wasted on them.  In my experience, the best way to get them to eat multi-ingredient dishes instead of piles of single foods was to have it in patty or nugget form, such as a veggie burger or frozen "veggie bites," which contained cheese, though I plan to try making something similar, but vegan, from scratch for my own child.

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I really like some of the recipes in Vegan Lunch Box.

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Originally Posted by MrsSlocombe View Post

How It All Vegan!, by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer





How It All Vegan! was the first vegan cookbook I ever bought, as a college student with limited cooking experience, and everything I ever tried from it seemed pretty easy.  I'll recommend the recipe "Mum's Bean and Cheese Casserole" from it- DD and I love it.  DH hates it, but, he's weird winky.gif


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Incredibly Delicious and Vegan Vittles

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Definitely agree with the Sarah Kramer recommendations, I use all her books all the time!


I'd also recommend checking out the Babycakes cookbook, which is based out of an amazing vegan bakery in NY. The recipes vary in terms of easiness, but it's so nice to have lots of delicious baked treats especially for special occasions with kids like parties, etc. 


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vegan vittles is really simple and easy.  That cookbook got me to try cooking for myself when I was in college. 

We also love the how it all vegan bean and cheese casserole in our house!

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my faves are Dreena Burton's books... especially Vive le Vegan and Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.   my kids just adore her stuff!

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I like "Peas and Thank you"  -- the author has young children too, and while is technically "nearly vegan", her cookbook IS vegan.



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I recently discovered Clean Food by Terry Walters. It is vegan, if not, mostly so, and the recipes are organized by season, which I like. Most of her recipes are kid friendly & I believe many are gluten-free if that is a concern for you.

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vegan planet vegan planet vegan planet. This my whole families favorite cook book by far. And we are not vegan just vegetarian


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I second Dreena Burton's ED&BV as well as Vive le vegan. thumb.gif I also have The everyday vegan, but it's new to me so I haven't cooked anything from it.

Another winner is any of Robin Robertson's books! Isa Chandra's books are of course also on my top 10 list.

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