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I was at a natural parenting playgroup today and it was brought up that that particular group of people didn't associate with non-vegans and they wouldn't want their young children seeing people eat meat.

Is this common?

I don't mean to start any arguments, I respect Vegans and Vegetarians, but it never really occurred to me that eating meat would exclude someone from "natural parenting"?

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Our family is vegetarian (nearly vegan), and we would never dream of doing this.  Even if we wanted to, I think we know only one other child who is vegetarian (his parents are not), so it wouldn't make for very much of a playgroup!  It doesn't seem like a good idea to me - it would encourage children to be self-righteous.  The phenomenon you describe is very odd to me, anyway.

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umm, not at all!!! Not only is that not very realistic, it is also kind of...restrictive? prejudicial? to refuse to associate with anyone who eats meat. 


I am vegetarian and so are the kids, but their dad and older sister (my stepdaughter) both eat meat, as do both of our extended families and many of our friends.  Has it been awkward at times explaining why they are not allowed to eat certain things? Absolutely.  Would I refuse to share a meal with those people to avoid that awkwardness? Of course not! 


FWIW, I am one of the few vegetarians I know these days, even in my fairly crunchy homeschool co-op-I think the trend is more towards paleo these days ;)

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I do deliberately seek out vegans and vegetarians as friends, it's certainly a desirable quality in a friend for me. So I have ... 1 close friend who is a lacto-ovo vegetarian, one that is a pescitarian, and 2 vegan families that are not particularly close friends. Everyone else eats meat.


Yeah, not so much so. 

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Thanks! That makes me feel better :)

They seemed to all know each other and have their own little clique going so I don't want to intrude on that, but I was hoping this wasn't a common thing... I felt so self-conscious and wanted to get out of there before I was "outed" LOL

...Next time I'll have to read invitations a bit more carefully I guess :)

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Wow.  That does seem pretty elitist, not to mention unrealistic.  Do they also live in a commune with walls so their kids never see what people on the outside do??  I'm not veg, I toy with it ocassionally, I don't eat a lot of meat, I really feel drawn to more of a raw focused diet but I'm in a junk food funk right now that I need to drag myself out of.  I've got 1 vegan friend and I get good recipies from her for dairy free stuff since we are a dairy free house, but I couldn't imagine telling my child she couldn't watch someone eating something just because we don't eat it, that's so bizzare.

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They were all trustafarians lol (well I'm not sure where they got their money but normal people can't exactly afford to stay home and homeschool their kids just by switching to cloth diapers and growing thier own veggies around my neighborhood eyesroll.gif)
So they can pretty much pick and choose who they and heir kids associate with (I won't lie, I AM jealous!)
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As a vegan I most certainly seek out relationships with other like minded people. I find people who actively live a life of compassion, as I do, kindred spirits.  I don't feel that's being elitist on my part. I do not, however, restrict my kids' social life and interactions with animal eaters. To each their own. 

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Nope. Like a PP said, it would be almost impossible to make friends if I closed my circle that much. I see so many advantages to hanging around omnivores. I'm not at all pushy or preachy. If people have questions, I answer them. I'll invite closer friends over for a dinner without even mentioning or drawing attention to the vegan meal. Usually, people are curious. But I always let them set the direction of the conversation. I often hope that in the quietest, most indirect way, maybe just by being a living example, I can get people thinking critically about diet, compassion, and animal welfare. I also hope that when omnivores meet me and hang out with me, it normalizes veg*nism a little. Confining myself to some ideological clubhouse doesn't give me the opportunity for any of that. Besides, diversity in friendships makes life more interesting.

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The very idea is frankly laughable. No.

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That's redic. I don't think my kids have any vegetarian/vegan friends really. We do have veg family(cousins and extended family they see a couple times a year) and we have neighbors who are vegetarian and they play together while waiting for the bus and such.


I couldn't imagine only associating with vegetarians. How sad and lonely for us greensad.gif

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Wow. As a vegetarian, that group sounds lame to me. I am the only vegetarian in my circle, though I did have one guy friend who was as well for about 5 years. I have dated about 6 vegetarians  and have found that at least half the guys I meet do not eat pork or red meat. It's not something I ask about, but usually discover on a first date.


My daughter is 3.5 and is proud to be a vegeterian and is not at all tempted to eat meat.

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We do not exclude meat eaters but we don't make the kids be vegetarian either.
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I'm the only vegan in my house. My family does eat a lot of vegan meals because I'm the cook (and I don't cook meat) but when we go out or to friends, they eat whatever they want. I do kind of wish I had more vegan friends, picking restaurants and inviting people over would be a whole lot easier. LOL


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My first impulse is to think it's definitely too much but really I get it. I think people who really identify with a counter culture so strongly like that have an outlook that the majority's ways are shoved down their throat on ever street corner in every magazine. We're inundated with pictures of meat even smells we are forced to smell. If you are picky about your kids diet - which who isn't when your kids are young!? If they have they choice and they may disagree with meat eaters on a religious level as well. I don't a free with it. I don't do it. I'm hope they very well know their kids are going to end up choosing their own path and so are taking control while they still can lol But I wouldn't automatically dislike them (call them names) or even try to be offended by it. smile.gif
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I am vegetarian as are our kids, my husband is not. (I am also a SAHM and we homeschool.) We do have a number of friends who are vegetarians and it's really nice. We all "get it." Just like it's nice to have friends that homeschool. We all "get it." The same with our friends who live out here in the boonies with us. We all "get it." 


But I identify with many groups of people--the vegetarians, the homeschoolers, the desert dwellers, etc. One friend we have chickens, dogs, and growing sprouts for our chickens in common. Of course I have common beliefs with my friends, that's why it's easy to be friends. And we may even come off as exclusionary. Not because we are, but because when we get together we focus more on our interactions than inviting unknown folks into our circle.

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