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Hey everyone! My kids and I are fairly newly vegetarian, and even though we are not completely vegan, I'm trying to cut back on dairy as much as possible for health reasons and I'm not a huge egg fan to begin with. My question is: what is your favorite kid-pleasing quick, cheap meal for those nights when you really want to just pour everyone a bowl of cereal instead of cooking?

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When I feel the energy, I just try to make more of something so I always have food in the freezer. The other day my family wa so hungry because we were out all day and when I opened my freezer there was pineapple pizza!
Today I went a way long stroller walk with my son and I went into my freezer and pulled out some frozen noodles and it only took 4 minutes to defrost on the stove top.
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Based on those criteria :-) baked beans on toast.

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I would check out the vegan stoner website. It has super easy recipes that are quick to throw together.

Pasta bolongnese made with veggie crumbles is also quick easy. You just need spaghetti, tomato puree, seasoning, and crumbles. You can add any veggies you want. That's my go to quick dinner dish.

Rice and beans is always good too.
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Noodles with sauce of tamari, peanut butter and apple cider vinegar with grated ca roots and/or sliced cucumbers. Or peanut butter/jam, peanut butter/banana sandwiches. Baked beans or chili and toast sounds good too.
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I second the Vegan Stoner. http://theveganstoner.blogspot.com/

Heck, it's written so that my kids could do the cooking! There's an idea . . . . winky.gif

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I never, ever let myself get to the night of without dinner mostly made. I usually do it the night before. Aside from wanting my daughter to eat, i would be very crabby if I had to do our lengthy bedtime routine without having had a filling dinner.

In the spirit of the question, though, I will suggest chickpeas that have been sauteed with garlic and hot pepper flakes for the adults, with some left plain cooked for the kids, plus whatever vegetable is quickest to prepare for steaming. I have done that for lunch, but it would also make a fine dinner.
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Black beans sauteed with veggies, spiced with cumin, salt and pepper. Dress with salsa, and banana!

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I love making sushi rice when I'm tired. It is fairly easy and so soothing and complete. 


Rinse rice very well.

In a pit place:

1+1/2 cups rice and 2 cups water.

Simmer until done, about 20 minutes. 

Let sit covered for another 10.

Fluff rice by stiring and adding a tablespoon of sesame oil. 


Serve with your families choice of:

sateed carrots and leeks,



sliced mango


or whatever else sounds good!

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Fried rice (if any left-over)  cooked w/ any leftover veggies or mixed veggies


boiled pasta w/ butter or olive oil  + sprinkle some cheese + simple lettuce salad

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soup! I make a 5 qt pot a week and just heat as needed!
Even when making a new batch it doesn't take too horribly long....not much more than heating up a pizza in the oven ;P

But I agree, preventing is better than correcting. Make sure and not leave yourself in that position! I know I have and that is normally when I either go hungry or bomb my typical diet! So try to be a step or two ahead of life! Soup is a no hassle meal that heats up great and lasts days in the fridge. Just throw in whatever your family likes to eat and season....voila! soup! =S

ps black beans, salsa, corn, rice, and tortilla chips makes for a nice snack or dinner as well (you can add cheese if you want or even refried beans to change the texture)
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Spaghetti or beans and rice.

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Salad and baked potatoes, rice n frozen/steamed mixed veggies, pasta n tomato sauce, salad, or rice n salad bowl with salsa n beans
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heat a pan with some oil, throw on some frozen mixed veggies, than grab w/e left over grain you have in your fridge (rice, quinoa, couscous...) sometimes I throw some marinara sauce on top to make it more like a jambalaya. If I don't have leftover grains I make quinoa or couscous because they're so fast and with the sauce you don't need to add spices. If I'm energized by the time the frozen veggies hit the pan I'll cut some fresh ones and add those too.

don't ask me how often this happens, my son still doesn't sleep through the night lol
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Black bean tacos - Heat up a can of black beans and some tortillas and serve with toppings and salsa.

Spaghetti and jar of sauce with salad (plain lettuce or spring mix)

Baked potatoes - I stick dry potatoes in the crockpot on high 3-4 hours before dinner. Serve with toppings

Rice & Asian dumplings - Cook rice in rice cooker. Serve with boiled frozen dumplings or pot stickers (we usually buy Trader Joe's).

Salad with beans for protein. Taco salad is a favorite.

Buffalo chickpea wraps - Simmer a can of chickpeas in some buffalo sauce. Serve in wraps with toppings (avocado, lettuce, etc.)

I have to say my rice cooker and my crockpot are life savers.

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grilled cheese and tomato bell pepper soup (I get it from Costco or Trader Joes to have as back up meals)

Burritos. I cook and freeze beans and often have other Mexican style fixings at home so it a pinch we have bean burritos/tacos.

Make extra batches of soup and freeze and have soup & sandwiches on those nights

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I schedule one day every month or two (depends on frequency of tired days and size of freezer) to make freezer meals. Then I just take one out to heat up and throw on some quick veggies to bulk it out.
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