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Organic Vegan eating on a budget

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So I'm wanting to start eating more of an organic & vegan diet. I've been on/off vegan for about two years now, but I've increasingly become more fond of buying organic fruits & veges. I found a great organic market not far from our house, and I'm planning on going there every fortnight to get what we need!

What are some good tips/meal ideas for eating both vegan & organic food on a budget? Our budget is about $100-$150 a week, but I get paid fortnightly and will be shopping fortnightly (except for top-ups every week if necessary).

I'll be mostly feeding myself & my 4 year old (who loves fruit & veges but can also be a picky eater...) but I'd like to have a bit extra on the odd occasion someone comes over and I need to feed them.

Thank you!
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I feed my family of 4 on $700 a month. I cannot afford much organic on that budget. I buy as much as I can from amazon's "subscribe and save" and costco. I shop at Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Whole Foods (only a few items there as they are so expensive.) If you live somewhere with inexpensive local organic farms, that would be a good idea. Can you start your own garden? I know you said vegan, but if you had your own chickens would you eat their eggs? (That's what we do.) I grow micro-greens for our hens which saves money and I think we get more eggs. I also give them organic corn and soy free commercial feed that I buy via a local co-op.
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Look into CSA (community supported agriculture) Here is a link with background info if you've never heard of it:
I see you're in Australia, so I googled CSA Australia, and there are some there too, here are the first couple links:
but you can find way more relevant info by googling your local area. It looks like they also have organic box delivery systems in Australia, and those can save over buying at the supermarket. Also: gardening!
I also struggle with this and honestly still haven't figured out a way to be able to afford eating as much organic as I'd like (which would be 100%, lol), so we follow the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists:
Best of luck!
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We do a lot of rice from Costco just super cheap you can get a bunch of cornmeal froM Amazon Prime and try to get the bananas lot of bananas eating bananas all day try to get those it at Costco in a case or on sale when they're brown at the health food store. Door to door organics bitty for more fruit variety. B as g s of frozen berries from cistco. Oatmeal sub n save.
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Costco is also our go to for staples, I can get all my grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, tomato sauces, and frozen fruits/veggies their in bulk all organic! One trip usually lasts me all month for those items.I would not recommend them for fresh produce though.

For fresh produce I'd love to use the farmers market or my garden like I did all summe. For the winter months if you can find a FM or CSA that'd be gold. For now we walk to stop and shop and raid their natures promise section for vegan staples like tofu, tempeh, and tofutti items, as well as fresh organic fruits and veggies. We try to make as much as we can from scratch using bulk items. All in all we feed a family of 3 off of about $500/month doing this.

Vegan cookbooks are my new addiction and have helped us keep things interesting and nutrient rich w/o breaking the bank. Check out 'The Lusty Vegan'

Good luck love!
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