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raw vegan question...

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09-16-2002 | Posts: 80
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HI again...

I am starting to hear good things about raw vegan living... Can anyone tell me how its going for them? Any cooked foods you miss? I was thinking I might like to try it out... just as a type of fast at first... I was also thinking I would have no problem eatting raw, but my family would object... how does one deal deal with family...

Oh and... are there any kinds of "dips" that are concidered rawvegan? I can eat raw all day, but I think I would miss a good dip...

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I don't know anything about raw veganism but I am wondering what you are now? Just curious how much of a leap you will have to make. My family is vegetarian so we still have a way to go.
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Hi, my family isn't even Vegetarian.. although we are getting so much better, our meat eatting is dewindiling down slowly... I think I will at least be a vegetarian within the next year and my family will be off red meat. I think a raw vegan eatting style might be a gerat way for me to start fasting... eat a raw vegan diet three days a month and then a juice fast at the end... sometimes I want to fast becasue I am just sick to death of eatting all the time.. I need a break from food...

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