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isosmom's Avatar isosmom 03:09 AM 08-21-2005
for hotmamacita (anything for hotmamacita )

hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 12:36 PM 08-21-2005
Thanks isomom. Today is the day. No more meat for me. I was meat free for a while in my 20s and grew up eating no pork and only certain meats.

I wonder if I'll need support or not. But I did want to get linked with a tribe and get some ideas.

Okay, off to juice.
hotmamacita's Avatar hotmamacita 10:10 PM 08-30-2005

Its going really well and really easy. So far, I don't miss it and I have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more energy.
Keeta's Avatar Keeta 10:28 PM 08-30-2005
Originally Posted by Sheacoby
Does anyone have a good, cheap and easy burger recipe that is similiar to store bought burgers?
Jumping in here - I just made Meowee's Veggie Burgers last week, and they are the best thing ever! I used what i had - red lentils and brown rice - and they are soooooo good and super cheap to make - you probably have everything you need already. You can freeze them, refrigerate them, whatever.

Here's the link with the recipe:
isosmom's Avatar isosmom 10:31 PM 08-30-2005
Glad you feel so well. When I switched from veg to vegan I thought it would be a lot harder than it was.
So, I've noticed on some other boards when mamas talk about what their kids have eaten that day (I'm talking veg kids here) that they mention so much, in my opinion, junk. So much processed food. From a health point of view, I'd rather have my kids eat meat that's not processed than have a veg diet that's full of crap. Does anyone else notice this, or is it just me? I mean I have nothing against the occasional junk food (and I do mean junk, not homemade sweets and whatnot) but a daily basis is a little out of control. Anyhow, just me
PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 12:00 AM 09-01-2005
We like garden burgers (the vegan ones) and garden burgers make TONS of products that are vegan. Our favorite our the Flame Grilled Chickn. There's also herbed chickn patties which are really good.

Yves' makes a vegan burger as well.

yeah - being vegan forces me to eat much heathier for several reasons:

1) I pay more attention to what I'm eating
2) Less choices for "junky" foods
3) "junky foods" tend to be healthier (no cholesterol, less fat, often less processed sweeteners, etc.)

I was nearly vegan as a child (a little meat) and my food was always really healthy.
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