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akmbloom's Avatar akmbloom 05:56 PM 09-12-2005
DH and I have decided to become vegetarians. We're Jewish and want to keep kosher as well (decided it would be easier to just combine the two than try to keep kosher, then go veg or vice versa). I'm BFing my 5 month old and we're broke.... given all of that, I need to find some good resources that will help me meal-plan, shop, and cook. DH has eaten a terrible junky diet all his life so I expect it will be tough....

your suggestions please!!

memory maker's Avatar memory maker 08:54 PM 09-12-2005
iwearredsocks's Avatar iwearredsocks 10:15 PM 09-12-2005
These are more where I go for recipes, but they offer other stuff, too - message boards at least.


There is a "veggie mamas" thread or something that is helpful for encouragment . . .

For an interactive idea of what meals would supply your nutrients most lacking, see at http://www.whfoods.com/foodadvisor.php whfoods.com (not all vegetarian, but much is)
PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 12:14 AM 09-13-2005
Check out vegfamily.com for articles and a discussion forum - there is a mama on there who is kosher and vegan!!!! so I'm sure she can give you tips.
kaydee's Avatar kaydee 03:40 PM 09-13-2005

are my two favorite sources of information (about both nutrition and the ethical issues surrounding veg*nism).
cresorchid's Avatar cresorchid 07:56 PM 09-13-2005
Just for the record, if you go vegan, you are automatically kosher. Except perhaps for the passover section of the year–not sure about that. At any rate, any vegan board should be helpful since all recipes there will be kosher.