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Hello Mamas,

My DS was a super eater from the time we started him on solids (around 6 months old). He'd eat all manner of complex stuff like tofu-spinach-mushroom quiche and seitan parmesan. About a month and a half ago, he decided that he only wanted carbs. About three weeks ago, he decided that only 1-2 bites of any food (carbs included) was all he was interested in.

I think it's because he wants to feed himself. While I've tried to start giving him more finger foods - noodles, peas, almond-butter & applesauce sandwiches, very little of it actually makes it in to his mouth (most ends up on the floor or smashed into his or my clothes). I'm starting to get a little worried about nutrition.

He's still nursing often and is at a very healthy weight, so calories aren't an issue. My own nutrition has suffered since he was born, so I don't feel confident relying on my milk to give him everything he needs. I am especially concerned about protein. So, I'd like to come up with some finger foods for him that are high in protein. Any recommendations?

I think we're doing ok in the B12 department as I sprinkle nutritional yeast liberally and give him vegemite sandwiches a few times a week. Omegas are also pretty good as I use flax oil in the pumpkin soygurt I make (one of the few foods I can still feed him) and try to work avocados in a few times a week (even though he doesn't really care for them). Still, high-protein, nutrient-packed finger foods that DS will eat are a mystery to me.

I wish he liked smoothies, but so far no recipe I've tried has gone over well :

My SIL puts (or buys foods with) sugar in everything for her omni 16 month old who eats indiscriminately (go figure!). I confess that there are days when I wish that I wasn't committed to giving DS only whole, vegan, sugar-free foods. I'm starting to get burned out in the feeding department as I feel like I spend my days preparing healthy mini-meals, then chasing after him (it's very hard to get him to sit still to eat) to offer a wide variety of unsatisfactory foods that end up in the trash. Anyone else with me?

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the only advice I can offer is persistence. it is really maddening. around a year mine ate avocado and bean roll ups alot and they loved veggies grilled in the george forman grill with olive oil after rejecting them a billion times. cubed apples with nutbutter were a big hit. I tried to just keep it simple during the day, for dinner whatever we ate was what there was to eat. i'm not making any sense. Good luck, I've been there!

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I wouldn't worry about your milk, for starters. YOU may be suffering nutritionally, but your body makes sure your milk has what it needs (at your cost).

I would just try to offer various legume things such as hummus, peas (many kids like them frozen--they're like candy) and beans/rice. At 1 many are reluctant to do nuts which is the other great source of protein for vegans.

Teff is a wonderful grain you could use (either flour for things or whole as hot cereal) that is high in protein too.
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1yos really tend to not eat much. Since she's nursing, I don't think you have anything to worry about- just keep on offering her whole foods (including mama milk!) and trust her to take what she needs.

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My one year old's favorite thing right now is dipping. I strip him down to just a diaper, put some kind of dip (or dip like substance: hummus, guacamole, mashed beans, mashed potatoes) and something he can dip with (pretzels, carrots, rice crackers, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.) and let him to go town. Sometimes he doesn't even need to dip - he just scoops up the stuff with his fingers and shoves it in his mouth.
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I'm so glad to see this thread, my vegan 13 month old is still all about the mama's milk! It seems every other baby in the world is eating heaps of food, but I know I should relax and trust her! She loves garlic, so anything with garlic is a bit hit. I must try some more dips, she was slow to teeth, only has 2 bottom teeth, so I've been wary of hard foods but a dip with rice cakes might be the business! Thanks

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At this age all kids tend to eat less. I wouldn't worry about him, he will take what he needs. The main thing is to continue to nurse and continue to offer healthy choices. Once you start to get "worried" and slip into the trap of offering less nutritional options that kids love it's hard to get it back. Even my 4 yo eats sparsely at times, but she more than makes up for it at others. Eating seems to be something that all parents worry about, and most unnecessarily.
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Thanks so much Mamas! I really like the bean and avocado roll up idea. Hopefully DS will too. He's been eating a wee bit more since my OP, but still not like he did at 9 months :.

2Pink, thanks for reminding me about the slippery slope...I've already seen it with processed white flour vs. whole wheat. I'm trying to be so careful to avoid sugar and other processed stuff, but one day I just wasn't paying attention. Next thing I knew, my carb fiend was a white-flour carb fiend

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Here's an almost 1 year old vegan
My girl loves hummus, bean dips,avocados.
I sometimes cube fruits (usually bananas) and spread hemp seed butter or just sprinkle shelled hemp seeds.
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My son is 14 months old and a vegetarian like me. If we have oatmeal for breakfast I add ground flax and ground sunflower seeds. Just recently I started making a raw oatmeal from soaked almonds,apple and cinnamon in the blender. Comes out like a creamy dessert. I just love it. I top it off with some pureed bananna and some strawberry or kiwi slices. We do alot of guacamole, hummus and also I can get raw almond pate at our health food store which is also vegan. There are so many pates one can make out of nuts and seeds. I spread these on DS's favorite whole grain bread. Have you seen the book by Ruth Yaron-Superfood baby? Its vegetarian and has lots of toddler food ideas I think are great. Good luck I know how hard it is making sure our little ones get a great diet. I'm always worried and were not even vegan which is harder.
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My daughter liked all sorts of foods up until about 12 months also, when she suddenly wouldn't eat anything that wasn't almost completely taste free for almost 6 months. She ate frozen wild blueberries (huge mess maker! but v. nutritious), slice grapes, soyugurt, oatmeal (supplemented with flax, wheat germ and sometimes soy protein powder), plain brown rice with a bit of vegan marg or braggs sauce, and unadorned tofu. Just plain extra firm tofu cubed or plain soft tofu with a spoon is still her favorite snacks. She still eats a lot of pasta, but I make it whole wheat and add some cubed tomates and cover with a nutritional yeast sauce and she'll eat it up. Hummus and guacomole are pretty big hits with the kids too.

And I second those before me who said not to worry too much about it. Before you know it, it'll be a non-issue since kids change so fast. I think many times our culture tends to over feed and gets particularly hysterical about vegan kids when they go through their lean stages.
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