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Vegan Baby Food Recipes for 8 mo old

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Hi everyone! A friend of mine asked me if I had any vegan recipes for baby food. Her dd is 8 months old and has been fed fruit and veggies (bananas, peas, etc) pureed in addition to bm. She doesn't want to introduce dairy or meat at this point and looked to me to provide some info.

Honestly, I have not even thought about the next step! My ds is 7 months old, and I guess I should start thinking about it. They both started eating pureed foods at about 6 months, mostly just for a change of pace and to get them acquainted with it.

Does anyone have any recipes that include lentils, beans or tofu? Is there any reason not to feed our babes those things at this point? Any other suggestions? (saw the sticky, but didn't see any recipes)

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I'd recommend the book by Melanie Waxman called "Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy"

She has several recipes in there of grain cereals, tofu, tempeh, applesauce, etc. All vegan!

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My son is just 4-1/2 months, so he's still onliy BFing, but I'm preparing myself for solids with a couple of books. Not sure about recipes, but as far as when to introduce foods, along with some advice on how to prepare them, check out the back of Dreena Burton's Vive le Vegan - very informative! You should start with easier to digest beans, which I think includes lentils - which makes sense since they're smaller and smooshier - easier to mash, especially compared to something like a chickpea. According to her book, you shouldn't introduce any protein other than BM until 12 months, at which point you can introduce lentils (and other beans), seeds and seed butters (hemp, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower), and soy products/milk. I also bought, but haven't yet read, Joanne Stepaniak's and Vesanto Melina's Raising Vegetarian Children. Don't see any recipes in there, and unfortunately they include eggs and dairy - although I assume they address vegan needs as well, but maybe they also cover when to introduce what foods? I think that when they're so young, you can keep it simple, which also allows them to really become familiar with the flavor of each new food. As far as tofu, maybe mash it with a little avocado or a veggie or even lentils and some breast milk to give it a bit of flavor. Just a thought...
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At 8 months old, my daughter ate mostly homemade baby food. I cooked lentils, broccoli, sweet potatoes, dried prunes, and pears and froze them. She also ate fresh raw bananas and avocados. I did take the quick, cheat route on grains and gave her Earth's Best brown rice and oatmeal.

Around 10 months, she started to eat cheerios, tofu and chunkier pieces of banana, sweet potato and avocado.
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Originally Posted by Sprout77 View Post
You should start with easier to digest beans, which I think includes lentils - which makes sense since they're smaller and smooshier - easier to mash, especially compared to something like a chickpea.

Our daughter is 9 1/2 months and I've tried mashing lentils and mixing them with water and I can't seem to get the consistency right. Same with chickpeas. I've had better luck with black beans - maybe because I cooked them longer. I manually removed the skin from each black bean, and then broke them in half and gave them to her. She was able to "gum" them pretty well.

Anyone have success with mashing lentils (or chickpeas) to a good consistency?
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We followed the recommendations in the book Super Baby Food fairly closely. At that age, I remember ds eating a lot of avocado and bananas. I pureed and froze everything in ice cube trays in batches. It worked out very well for us.
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When my baby was 8 months I fed him variations of two main dishes. a) red lentils with a little turmeric, garlic, and veggies such as potato, carrot, pea, and greens (kale, collards, spinach) b) millet with a small bit of curry powder cooked with veggies as well. I always splash a little flax oil in also, and was never afraid to add some pumpkin or sunflower seeds. I figure, it's all blending up, might as well cram as much nutrition in as possible. He loved it and digested it oh so well.:
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