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Well, it seems that dp has celiac disease (he's not a veg) and I am a vegetarian. We have very little time to cook as we both work during the week...

I suppose I can't be the only one in this situation... what kinds of things can we eat as a family? I'd love any recipes you all can share.

(On the one hand I'm bummed that we have this new diet restriction as a family, on the other I'm so happy dp is going to start feeling human
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12 people have looked at the thread, but no response...so maybe we are the only ones!
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Well, we can't have you starving to death!!

Come on over to the Allergy forum- lots of mamas over there with major diet restrictions, including gf. There's a meal idea/recipe sticky at the top of the forum too (plenty of stuff that's veg too).

Mom to DD1 (10/07) and DD2 (3/11)
geek.gif I blog about our life with food allergies and eosinophilic disorders.
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There are two veg*n yahoo!groups you might like to check out:

I was a GF (and soy-free, peanut-free, some nuts free) vegetarian for several years. I managed just fine for a long time, but eventually had some other issues complicate matters.

Tinkyada pasta is great. It doesn't keep as long as regular pasta once cooked, but it's good for a day or two. Quinoa, millet, and buckwheat are quite tasty.

Any of his children should also be tested from time to time.

Chasing DS since April 2007 and pumping for DD March 2013.

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This is an excellent resource for gluten free diet and lifestyle. http://www.Glutenanddairyfree.com/

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You might want to check out The Carb Conscious Vegetarian by Robin Robertson. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The.../9781594861239
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The drs thought ds had celiacs(he just has a gluten intorlerence) and I'll admit at first we were like OH CRAP, this is HORRIBLE...BUT we got over it and it's not been near as bad!

I don't quite now whats available where you are but we've found yummy stuff right in our grocery store...we don't eat alot of processed foods but ds LOVES these gluten free waffles that we get, expensive but since he's the only one eating them it's not so bad

Then theres the bulk barn and they have a ton of gluten free flours(they are all marked with huge arrows)..they also sell gluten free pasta there and gluten free lasagna noodles!...

Braggs is a gluten free soy sauce, and vegan mayo is normally gluten free(atleast the kind I have)

My dh LOVES grains like quinoa(i pretty much HATE it), but the bulk barn is a good place to get little bits of grains that you can try and if you don't like them your not our a ton of money.

Good luck

mommy daddy son daughter = our family
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Breakfast: buckwheat pancakes or waffles (these are great if you make a double or triple batch then stick the leftovers in the freezer -- toast them to make them yummy again), Nutty Flax granola bars (they keep well in the fridge), millet pancakes, fresh fruit, carrot cake muffins, yogurt.

Lunch: leftovers from dinner the night before!

Dinner: sauteed chickpeas with curry, stir fried veggies over rice or corn noodles (I like them way better than rice noodles), do you eat eggs? I have a yummy recipe for poached eggs, tomatoes over noodles, also if you eat fish, I have one for shrimp, tomato and fresh mozarella over noodles. I get my noodles on the internet.

Kathy, mother of 3, wife of 1. My new recipe blog: www.kathysrecipebox.wordpress.com (no longer searchable by allergen, but at least it doesn't have a virus!)
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Ok, so make a list of the foods you both still CAN eat.

I'm guessing that there are no other food allergies here? So this means you can use rice, corn, qunioa, millet, etc, and their flours and flour products (tortillas, pasta, etc)? Eggs and dairy and nutritional yeast (grown on beet molasses, not barley- some yeast isn't gluten free!) and nuts, and all kinds of fruits and veggies and beans?

Rice flour can replace wheat flour in thickening sauces and holding together bean burgers, without making any changes to recipes. For breads, pancakes, waffles, and muffins, use a gluten-free recipe (you're unlikely to find meat in gluten free baked goods recipes.) Any "beans and rice" dishes can be followed from vegetarian recipes with minimal changes.

Many processed "fake meats" use wheat gluten as a protein source, but tofu and TVP are gluten free (just be sure to check all packaged products to make sure there's no gluten contamination.)

You need to read labels carefully on things like soy sauce, salad dressings, etc. You need to replace (or have somebody other than DH finish up) any opened jellies, peanut butters, etc, that may have been used on gluten breads or crackers- a few crumbs in the container can sicken him. You may want to replace spices as well, if there's any chance that flour got into any of the containers.

I also strongly suggest that you get the kids tested for celiac- it's hereditary, and you could save your kids a lot of pain if it's diagnosed early.

Ruth, single mommy to Leah, 20, Hannah, 19, and Jack, 13(homeschooled)
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I just took <i>The Gluten-Free Vegan</i> by Susan O'Brien about of the library. Good stuff there, esp. for baked goods.
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I recommend The Gluten Free Vegetarian by Donna Klein. I have the Vegan Mediterranean Kitchen by her and love it!

Early intervention specialist and parent consultant since 2002.
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You will be fine.

My ds has coeliacs, and although we are not vegetarians, we eat a very low meat diet.

It can take a while to get in the swing of it and I would start by going through your pantry and getting rid of the things he can no longer eat (or that you will keep for yourself). Then either find a specialty GF replacement, or items that just happen to be GF but you're not paying the GF prices for.

Go through your list of meals that you normally eat and see if you can just find an alternative item (ie we eat a lot of rice noodles here instead of pasta now since I don't like to pay huge $$ for GF pasta). We hardly eat bread as a convenience food anymore since the GF bread is spendy. Dinners are our easiest food, it's lunches that I struggle with for ease and convenience and especially eating out.

It's a Delight-Filled Life.

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I'd get yourself a good rice cooker with a timer and a rice cooker cookbook.

milk donation : mother to Ryan (6), AJ (5), Nate (2), Maia (1) all born at home, I have a kid-friendly food & bento blog, : :
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Being faced with a big change like this is daunting, huh? Check out some tantalizing recipes here http://www.flickr.com/photos/vivelevegan/ The ones I've made that are wheat/gluten free? You can't tell and I doubt you'd feel deprived!

I like the pp's suggestion about making a list of what you CAN eat. All fruit and veg is fair game, right?

* Holly * rural Seattle suburban SAHM to Elizabeth 11 * Cole 9 * Annie 5 * Blaise 3 * and Urban 2 mos *
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I have a friend who is vegan, gf & eats mostly raw foods. What I see them eat most is rice cakes with nut butter & jelly, like sandwiches

Cheryl, wife to an amazing man, homeschooling SAHM to Gavin 12/03, Rhys 09/06, and Ian Aug 11, 2010.

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You're not alone! It is very overwhelming at first though for sure. I have a blog about gluten free vegetarian food if you're interested. It's in my signature!
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