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leila1213's Avatar leila1213 01:49 AM 12-14-2008
I have one my sister bought used from a friend of mine, and now I need to get it to FL for her. But I can't get it back in the bag/box!! Can anyone explain it to me??? We have been over and over the instructions, but can't seem to get the bottom rails to collapse all the way!

ekh's Avatar ekh 02:31 PM 12-14-2008
There are TWO buttons you have to push on each of the rails to get them to collapse all the took us a long time to figure it have to search for them...good luck! The instructions weren't really a help to us, either...
eloise24's Avatar eloise24 02:33 PM 12-14-2008
You have to make sure you put everything down in the right order, too. I always fight with this guy when I have to take it down HA!
MamaJenese's Avatar MamaJenese 02:56 PM 12-14-2008
I find cursing, breaking out in a sweat, and threatening to throw it out a window to help.:
pixiepunk's Avatar pixiepunk 03:32 PM 12-14-2008
oh, that thing is such a PITA to break down! you have to do the bottom rails *first* and then the top rails, and be sure that you get both buttons on the bottom rails. i was on the verge of tears and after 30 minutes of cursing under my breath, i made my hubby do it and i've done it several times before!
Enudely's Avatar Enudely 11:14 PM 12-14-2008
I can't even figure out how to collapse the side rail down to make it a co-sleeper!
leila1213's Avatar leila1213 11:23 PM 12-14-2008
I can't find 2 buttons on the bottom rails!! We figured that out on the top, but the $%&*ing bottom rails will only collapse into a V-shape, NOT a U-shape like the top rails!! :
MamaJenese's Avatar MamaJenese 11:36 PM 12-14-2008
That is what happens to me everytime. Try crying kick it a few times and feel around for a button on the side of the bottom rail that is not collapsed.
njbeachgirl's Avatar njbeachgirl 02:03 PM 12-15-2008
another vote for kicking/cursing/throwing it across the room.

reezley's Avatar reezley 04:00 PM 12-15-2008
I let dh do all the disassembling of ours for a few years- then when it came time to sell it, I had to figure out how to break it down the very last time. Anyway, I think I remembering him telling me to lift it up a bit to take the pressure off the button area.
conroyclanof4's Avatar conroyclanof4 07:15 PM 06-10-2013
  1. unlock all bottom rails.....(all of mine formed into V's)
  2. unlock all top rails by pushin in the two buttons then by lifting up then down forming a U
  3. (i flipped mine over) further unlock ALL the bottom rails to form a U
  4. bring it all in.



what a pain!!! good luck!!!!