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EmilyVorpe 01-17-2009 10:43 PM

We are so tired!!!!!!!!!!
We are trying to get some sleep but nothing is working!!!
Here's the rundown:

4.5yr old sleeps in his own room. He has a twin size bed, gets a book to sleep with and has a light source (a night light or the glow of a !!!tv!!!(not on a show, just on the blue screen) to keep him from being scared. Will not even consider laying in bed without the light (it's been a month since we managed to turn the ceiling lights off!!) He gets up at least once a night. He slithers into our bed without waking us if possible but HOGS the bed or sleeps across our pillows!!! Also, will not let us pull the covers up so we end up either cold or fighting to keep blankets on us.

20months- She sleeps in a crib. Randomly co-slept but never intentional, more of a "she'll fall back to sleep quicker if we just take her to our bed" kind of thing. She goes to bed at 7-8pm and wakes up AT LEAST once every night. We have been trying to get her to sleep in her crib more but she screams. In general, sleeps until no later than 6am. She doesn't wake up to drink or eat or anything in the middle of the night, just wakes. We have taken her paci away because she would lose it 1000 times a night and we'd have to go in there every 5 minutes to fetch it. She does not miss the paci, though.

8months- Gets up to eat (is bottle fed, on severe allergy formula) around 3am and will not go back to sleep (cries hysterically) unless you hold her for quite a while. She doesn't like to sleep in our bed but does like to be cuddled.

Between the 3 of them, we are awake ALL THE TIME! Is there anyone with any suggestions?!?

bremen 01-17-2009 11:25 PM

any chance the 20 month old and the 4.5 yr old might sleep better together? sounds like they both need some comfort and reassurance at night, and maybe havign each other could help.
just an idea.

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