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blizzard_babe's Avatar blizzard_babe 12:10 AM 06-10-2009
My sister got married last weekend. Her new DH's mother and cousin are in from Chile and staying with my parents. His mother speaks only Spanish, and my parents speak non, so I've been hanging out there some to give my sister, her husband and the cousin a break from translating.

Anyway, DMoBIL (dear mother of brother-in-law ) and I got to chatting the other day... turns out BIL slept with her, off and on, until he was well into his childhood years. Unbidden, she went on to say not to pay any heed to people who say that they won't ever be independent; BIL was traveling to Europe solo by the time he was 15. We were having this conversation, in SPanish, in front of my mother who doesn't so much approve of the co-sleeping (though she's pretty good about respecting our choices). It felt so subversive.

EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 05:21 PM 06-10-2009
That's cool!
kisskisskiddo's Avatar kisskisskiddo 05:48 PM 06-10-2009
my friends mom is a NICU nurse and is a very firm believer in co-sleeping. she always tells her daughter and i about how women in other countries do it safely, and how beneficial it is. she works with preemies and very sick babies, and she thinks it is the only way!
tuscany123's Avatar tuscany123 01:55 AM 06-11-2009
What a great story! I had heard all the advice against cosleeping before DD was born, and I had no clue any way about parenting!! When DD was born, she would not sleep in the bassinet next to my hospital bed. And I know a lot of you Mama's are going "Duh!" right now!!! : But as I said, I knew nothing. The night nurse heard my baby crying, and came in my room. She picked up my swaddled babe from bassinet, and put her in the crook of my arm while I was in bed. She told me "Your baby has been inside you for 9 months, and she can't stand to be away from you. The best thing you can do is let her sleep with you, you'll both rest better". Can you believe that? A nurse in my local hospital telling me to co-sleep!

I am so grateful for that night nurse teaching me about co-sleeping!