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littlebearbear's Avatar littlebearbear 01:31 PM 04-08-2010
I nurse lo to sleep at 8, and she falls asleep so easily! Granted I have to stay in bed with her, we have come so far with terrible reflux and little to no sleep before - I'll take it! The problem is that when she is working through her sleep cycles, she transforms into a thrashing grunting wiggle monster. This happens on and off all night! She never really wakes up, it just seems like she is really uncomfortable. We sleep propped on an incline for her reflux, and while these wiggle episodes are happening I try to adjust her to make her as comfortable as possible. She is a sweaty baby and so usually just sleeps in a diaper and tshirt, no blanket... and heaven forbid I wear anything but bottoms and restrict her access

I've tried more incline, less incline, flat, wrapped in my arms, completely sprawled, blanket, no blanket....

Any suggestions? Anyone else face this challenge? Thanks!

littlebearbear's Avatar littlebearbear 01:38 PM 04-08-2010
Also, I've tried swaddling, but she is a ninja and tries to fight her way out of it. I may revisit it tonight, just to try...