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Barbee's Avatar Barbee 08:02 PM 10-15-2010
My ds has been ready to get up at unreasonably early times. This morning it was dark outside. His room is attached to my room and I know that he can play in there safely by himself (he'll be 5 in a couple of weeks) but he refuses to and kicks and wakes me up until I get out of bed. I work at home and homeschool and I can't function well like this. The only time I get any sleep in the morning is if I park him in front of a cartoon which I really don't like doing. I feel as tired as I did when I was mothering a newborn (well, maybe not quite that tired, but still). Any suggestions?

hadleys_mom's Avatar hadleys_mom 09:46 PM 10-15-2010
What time is he going to bed? Could you adjust his bed time back a bit and hope that he sleeps later in the morning? That didn't work for my DD, who regardless of what time she goes to bed, wakes up 15 minutes before the sun comes up. But I know it has worked for others. Our house is small and I just let her get up and play on the computer, listen to an audio book or watch some TV. Once her brother gets up, the two play together. I usually can get a little more rest (I wouldn't call it sleep) that way.
Barbee's Avatar Barbee 03:24 PM 10-18-2010
My ds is like your dd. He still gets up at the same time no matter what time he goes to bed. If he goes to bed late, he's grumpy the next day. I just wish he wasn't so rude in the morning. The first thing he did this rainy dark morning was get mad at me because I didn't put a candle in his jack-o-lantern. Not the ideal way to start the day.