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dfunk98's Avatar dfunk98 09:51 AM 08-13-2011

I have a 6yo girl, 3yo boy and am expecting #3 at the end of September.  Right now, our bedtime routine is that I nurse BOTH children in a glider in my bedroom, then we just rock for a bit until they fall asleep, then I carry each of them into their bedrooms.

This started when dd was a toddler and no longer co-sleeping with us.  She has always been a difficult sleeper (both falling and staying asleep), so this method worked for us.  We continued it with ds, bc with dd being so difficult, I didn't want him to wake her up once she was asleep.

With the new baby on the way, I would like to try to get her to fall asleep on her own.  She has done it in the past, but not very often.  When ds was born, I would nurse dd in her room, while dh held ds (pretty much crying the whole time), then go in and out him to bed.  Once ds was a bit older, we started putting them to bed at the same time.  I really have no idea what our routine will be like now with 3, but I would like my husband to be more involved in getting dd to bed-I don't think ds would go for anyone other than me, which is fine at this point. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could transition her (or both) from our current routine?  I'm open to anything.  Oh, also-dd is very "spirited" and thrives on routines.  I am also trying to think of ways for her to hlep get herself ready in the morning once school starts.  She is not a morning person-mainly bc of her sleep issues-and I would like for her to take a more active role in getting herslef ready in the morning.

I think it is time that dd become more self-sufficient when it comes to bedtime and morning routines.  I know this may sound like alot for a 6yo to handle at once, but I'm more than willing to take it in small chunks.



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