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amandak's Avatar amandak 06:42 PM 11-06-2011

I am in need of some help.  I have two daughters; one is three and a half and the other is six months old.  My older dd was a dream sleeper.  From the day we took her home from the hospital, we could put her down, and she would fall asleep within minutes with no crying at all.  We got spoiled and never learned how to get kids to sleep.


My younger daughter isn't the same.  We have gotten into a great routine at night where I will nurse her for anywhere between 20-50 minutes, and when she falls asleep, I put her in her crib (in our room.)  Occasionally, she will even let me put her down awake and fall asleep on her own.


During naps, however, she refuses all sleep unless I am laying with her nursing her.  If she was my only child, I could handle this, but since she is not, I need to find a solution.  Her afternoon naps occurs when DD1 is asleep, so I'm not too concerned about that.  But she still desperately needs a morning nap, and I can't lay down with her for an hour or more and leave my 3 year old to fend for herself.  Up until now, I was able to lay with her for about 20 minutes and then sneak away.  She wakes up now when I sneak away though.


I'm not interested in cio, and honestly, it would be futile to try.  She is very persistent.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  She needs more daytime sleep, and I need a way to get it for her without having to sleep for many hours during the day myself.  I'm getting a bit desperate as I fear the longer this goes on, the harder the habit will be to break.

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 12:49 PM 11-08-2011

Could you wear her in a sling or carrier for naps? 

Another option, lie her down in a stroller after nursing and wheel her to where ever you are in the house or outside, with your three year old.