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ali4cia's Avatar ali4cia 07:45 PM 01-07-2012

I bought a Tres Tria 18 months ago and have absolutely loved it. I went to buy another one (or even two more!) and was absolutely dismayed to find their company Better For Babies is no longer in existence! Does anyone know where I could still find a Tres Tria? I would even buy one used.

Jerlin's Avatar Jerlin 09:06 PM 01-11-2012
I have 3 of them. If you go to their blog, they have a list of retailers that still carry their items.

Hope this helps!
ali4cia's Avatar ali4cia 02:53 AM 01-12-2012

Oh thank you for your reply! I tried every one of the listed retailers and sadly no one has the Tres Tria anymore. Are you looking to sell any of yours? You were smart to buy 3 Tres Trias!

Jerlin's Avatar Jerlin 08:54 PM 01-12-2012
I still use them, as we are still co-sleeping. I wanted to get one more for the foot of the bed though. What works also is rolling up several thick towels and putting them under the fitted sheets. smile.gif
Breastfeeding Insomniac's Avatar Breastfeeding Insomniac 10:00 AM 04-25-2012

I have one, I might even have two more from when I did private practice as an IBCLC and ran a breastfeeding/babywearing website. I listed the one I have on ebay.


I am in the process of moving so all my old baby merchandise came out of storage.

nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 09:30 PM 02-20-2013

I am still looking for a new or used one....Any luck?

jedfsu's Avatar jedfsu 01:43 PM 09-03-2013
I have a Tres Tria that I'm ready to sell. Our home is smoke free but we do have a dog & cat (neither of which have specifically used). I'm in Boston and you can email me directly at [email protected]
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