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Sweaty Baby's Avatar Sweaty Baby 07:32 PM 02-01-2012

I have a 20wk old and she also sweats that bad she is constantly lying in a pool of sweat behind her head and shoulders. We're we live its very hot and humid, so she sleeps only in a singlet and nappy with no covers. She needs 2 fans blowing around the room just to make her comfy and still sweats more than i ever would. Could it have anything do do with her teething ATM. I have put her in the bath through the night cause I'm scared she is over heating. I hate being that hot so I couldn't imagine what she's feeling even though it really doesn't seem to bother her. ????? 

NewMaMaZenLovin's Avatar NewMaMaZenLovin 12:32 AM 02-02-2012

Is it only during the night that she sweats? Cause my ill tyke turns into a ill stream as soon as he drifts off. And we live in snow. Maybe try having her lay on a very 

absorbant cloth and dab here off during the night. Also if  she seems especially warm to the touch you can get a very large lightweight cloth and get it wet (not dripping but wet) and lay it over her. It does wonders if there is a fan involved. I also lived in arizona for 13 years! plus make sure your upping here water intake if she is sweating so much maybe even some coconut water for those yummy electrolytes. Good luck!

tangledblue's Avatar tangledblue 12:44 AM 02-02-2012

This is probably totally alarmist but I did read online that excessive sweating in babies could be a sign of sleep apnea or a heart problem. Check in w/ your pediatrician just to be sure. 

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 08:33 AM 02-02-2012

My ds was so sweaty we called him baby sweat head.... We just tried to put a towel under his head and he was fine- it went away.

Taos Mountain Mama's Avatar Taos Mountain Mama 11:33 AM 02-07-2012

I, too, have a very sweaty sleeper. We're talking pools of sweat underneath her head. And we live in a very snowy high altitude climate. I think it's pretty normal for them to be big sweaters when they sleep.... We usually put a receiving blanket underneath her and switch it out in the middle of the night if need be.

bookwise's Avatar bookwise 08:37 PM 02-11-2012

my daughter also gets super sweaty when she falls asleep - it'd odd because during the day when she's awake, she's totally non-sweaty. at night though, whether i'm holding her (she falls asleep nursing) or she's asleep on the bed, her hair quickly gets very damp and curly. i don't remember her being like that as a newborn, but she's been like this since probably 3, 4 months (she's 10 months old now).

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 10:17 AM 02-12-2012

If she has a water proof/resistant pad on the bed it can cause excessive sweat.

bookwise's Avatar bookwise 09:25 AM 02-13-2012

Originally Posted by Asiago View Post

If she has a water proof/resistant pad on the bed it can cause excessive sweat.

ah that's a good point! i keep forgetting we put a shower curtain under her bed sheets - i keep meaning to take it off because i'm sure that's contributing to her sweating and now i will. ;)

KT Mom of 2's Avatar KT Mom of 2 03:04 PM 02-15-2012
Hi! I have a 6 year old dd that has always sweated a lot when she sleeps whether at night or during naps... so much so that her hair is completely saturated. We just call her the sweaty napper. I now have a six week old and he too sweats a lot. I always tried to make sure she was comfortable clothing wise and room temperature wise. However, if you still can't calm your nerve, then I would definitely make an appointment with your pedi just to make sure!!!