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Redmom's Avatar Redmom 04:38 PM 02-13-2012

Hi Mommas


Firstly I'm not posting this in order to brag or rub it in - I sincerely just wanted to post a good news story and hopefully provide some encouragement.


My little guy is now nearly 15 months, and for most of his first year of life he woke every 1-2 hours.  It drove me crazy.


Well since he made it through his 12 month sleep regression, he has been sleeping much better.  Now he wakes "only" 3 times a night, which is a HUGE improvement for us compared with the 7 plus times he used to wake up.


Some nights he will actually sleep from, say 8.30 till 3.30 - this has never happened for us before.


We really have not done anything differently, I think it's just a maturity thing.


Anyway I'm sure there will be future bumps in the road, but it feels so much better that we are all getting better sleep.


When we were in the throes of his frequent wakings, people would tell me "it does get better" but I really wanted to hear first hand experience of "it" getting better.

Blanca78's Avatar Blanca78 06:27 PM 02-13-2012

Thank you for sharing--it is definitely heartening to read stories from people who have come out (or are in the process of coming out) of the other side. So glad things are going better for you!

MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 09:06 AM 02-14-2012

Good for little guy, and hooray for you, Mama, and your increasingly undisturbed sleep!   thumb.gif

Taos Mountain Mama's Avatar Taos Mountain Mama 02:42 PM 02-16-2012

Yes - thank you for sharing! It's totally encouraging to hear that our little ones can learn to sleep better on their own, without any "intervention" on our part. Here's to you sleeping better/longer! I'll remember your story when I'm up at 3am;)

bookwise's Avatar bookwise 08:35 PM 02-19-2012

ah the light at the end of this long long :yawn: tunnel. my 10 month old girl is growing too fast already but there *are* certain things i look forward to - like, no bags under my eyes! or more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep. gasp!

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 03:49 PM 02-21-2012

oh you mean there is hope for me???????you are bragging...you deserve to. 


my little guy will be 12 months in march and he still wakes every hour -hour and a half.