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I think I need some emotional space, and I am not confident I can continue cosleeping with DS. He is 9 months and has become a terrible sleeper recently. He no longer wants to nurse to sleep, and he's up most of the night trying to crawl around or kicking or doing just about anything but sleeping soundly.


He sleeps wonderfully at daycare where he sleeps by himself in a pack and play. They tell me they lay him down with his paci, turn on some music, turn out the lights and he falls asleep like a champ.


I'm ready to give transitioning him out of our bed a shot. I love the benefits of cosleeping, but at this point I think it's making me so insane it's damaging my sanity and relationship to DS.


Has anyone transitioned from cosleeping to separate sleep spaces in a 1-bedroom apartment? If so, how did you manage it? Should I side-car a crib? Should I get a pack and play and put it on the other side of the room? 


Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

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I don't have any advice per se on the one bedroom apartment, but I did stop co sleeping when the kids were a few months old.  Honestly, I just couldn't handle the constant movement of a bigger baby.  We transitioned to a crib and despite everyone's dire predictions it was a complete non event (with both kids).  I would just nurse down, place the kiddo in the crib and come back in when they cried and do it all over again.  They both nursed less and everyone slept better.  You could do this with a crib in your room if you wanted to. 


Now, in your situation, I think I would do a large mattress or two on the floor sort of plan.  That way you could nurse to sleep and then move away.  Or if he won't nurse to sleep, you could at least move away after he fell asleep to just give yourself some space. 


Also, another thought is if he sleeps well in the pack at play you could just keep doing that.  I definitely wouldn't try to change something that's already working. 


Sorry, I don't have any great answers.  Maybe someone can pipe up with their own solutions.  Good luck. 

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Thanks for the advice!


Update on this- we borrowed a pack n play from some friends and started doing naps at home in it. I didn't want to do the mattress thing b/c we don't really have room for that... the space for his sleep would be in this little alcove type room off ours. But our actual room can't accomodate anything larger than what we have. Plus, rolling away wasn't gonna work. DS is a heat seeking missile in bed, and will not let you move away (DH likes to remind me that DS might actually be more of a teat-seeking missile hahaha).


ANYWAY, the transition- It was a non-event, as you say. A little crying- we would time it and let him fuss for about 3 minutes, then go in and rub his back a bit, rinse, repeat. We found that if we tried to stay with him until he drifted off he never would- he is the same way in the car. If you sit in the backseat with him he will fuss and cry because he wants to play and can't get the message that it's time to power down.


After 2 days he now goes down without a peep. We feed him, read him Goodnight moon, and that's it.


Night times we started maybe a week or so ago. It went surprisingly well. Sunday night he went down without a peep and only woke to nurse, then snuggled right back down. Hooray!


Sadly last night he wouldn't go down at all and was up at 10 and didn't go to sleep again until 2:30. I tried bringing him back to bed, just desperate for sleep. He cried even harder! So clearly that's not what he was upset over. We're trying this new eczema steroid cream and I have a feeling it disturbed his sleep. 


But yeah, anyway, we went with a PnP, and so far so good!


"The Mothers are the brave ones." - Call the Midwife

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