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flyrabbitfly's Avatar flyrabbitfly 04:01 PM 05-26-2012

Hi Fellow Co-sleepers!

Can anyone recommend a bedside clock that doesn't beep when you push the light-up button, nor stay lit all night long?

We are co-sleeping with a light sleeper!

I used to keep my iphone by the bed, and just check it when he potties at night (we EC too) so I know the next time he wakes up if he likely needs to pee again or just give boobie. And so I know if it is too insanely early to try to sneak out of bed yet in the morning!

But then he became obsessed with the iphone, so we have tried to make it less omnipresent.

Problem is, no clocks mention in their product descriptions that they don't make annoying beeps when you push the buttons at night- I have bought several travel-type clocks and had to return them because the beeps are too loud for DS. I can't have the ones you can just see the numbers all night either, cause that distracts him while we go to sleep and every time he wakes up he gets excited about the clock again!

So if anyone can recommend a bedside clock that is quiet and dark, please share!


Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 05:26 PM 05-26-2012

I use my phone too, but I put it under my pillow so it doesn't wake the girls.  I peak at it under my pillow if I need to check the time or anything like that.  I also have it dimmed all the way, so it isn't so bright.  If I need an alarm clock, I put it on vibrate and since it is under my pillow, I feel it right away and can shut it off.


Saying all that, my girls are both pretty deep sleepers, or at least go back to sleep really easily if they wake up at night.  I think this is the reason that all of us can still be in the same bed together.


Good luck.