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briannas auntie's Avatar briannas auntie 04:47 PM 07-16-2012

Hi!  My 3 year old neice, Brianna, has basically slept with either me or her mom since she was practically a week old.  She just didn't stop fussing until we let her sleep with us. 

Now that she is a toddler, she is still not wanting to sleep in a bed on her own at all, except at naptime.  During the night, she will either crawl into my bed or my sister's bed and go back to sleep.


Is it normal for a toddler to continue this if this is what they were used to since birth?  I am just wondering, because some of my relatives keep telling me and my sister to force Brianna to sleep in her own bed and discipline her if she won't stay in her own bed. 



(proud aunt to 3 year old neice, Brianna)


DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 05:43 PM 07-16-2012
If it doesn't bother you or her mother, then tell your relatives to mind their own business.
Katie T's Avatar Katie T 09:05 PM 07-16-2012

I agree with the previous poster. It is very important to their emotional well being to leave the family bed when THEY are ready. Keep doing what you are doing. She will eventually sleep on her own. 


From the mom of a 12 yr old who does sleep on her own, a 5 yr old who does sometimes and a 4 yr old who always sleeps with me. Enjoy this time before you know it it will be a distant sweet memory. 

EmbraceLife's Avatar EmbraceLife 08:51 PM 07-17-2012

Thanks for sharing.  We co-sleep too and I always wonder "WHEN" do we have to "kick them out". 


I agree with Katie T ... it'll eventually happen!  They're someday NOT going to want to sleep with us!


Best wishes!