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MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 09:33 PM 01-14-2013
She is trying to give up naps and has been trying to stay up later. Like today I gave her a nap at 2 after she woke at 7 am. She slept for 1 hour. She is still awake at 10:30 pm. I can tell she's tired but she just won't give it up. Nursing to sleep while rocking her while holding her favorite lovey has worked until just in the past week. She's fine during the day and perfectly happy but come bedtime she just won't go to sleep. We have a good routine so I'm not sure what's up

MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 06:59 PM 01-15-2013
Lol. She had a stomach virus and was just getting over it and then she was constipated. No wonder. Anyone ever have those aha moments??
MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 07:56 PM 01-16-2013
Urgh.. Day 3 of not going to sleep. I've tried nursing her laying down in my room, nursing her in her room while rocking her, just rocking her. Laying next to her crib while she cries, and everything inbetween! I thought if I made her miss her nap it would make her go to bed early and get her back on track but that backfired. She fell asleep nursing for like 10 minutes then was wide awake again until 11 pm. This is not okay!! DH and I need some alone time and DH needs to be asleep for work by 10:30. What would you do in this situation? Stick to the routine regardless and let her cry in my arms until she falls asleep or let her stay up and become perpetually overtired?
MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 07:59 AM 01-17-2013

We are also going through some difficulties.  I've decided to "stay the course" with the exceptions of modifying her naps (I moved it a little earlier, and will wake her up if she goes on a long-nap too late.) and going to bed with her instead of putting her to bed.

I have found that she wants to be with me, but can't sleep peacefully in our bed all night anymore.  So we've been having this tearful episode in the middle of the night where she wakes up and wants to play, and I hug her and tell her it's nighttime, and that means sleepytime, and put her in her Arm's Reach and then sing to her while she howls her dismay for 3-5 minutes before passing out again. 

Watching her fight sleep is hysterical.

I have noticed it's important to make sure she gets the exact correct amount of sleep.  Too much nap, and she's not sleep at bedtime.  Too little sleep and she's overtired and very, very obstinate at bedtime.

Just enough for her means sleeping 9pm-8am, and a nap from about 2pm-4pm.